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A neatly built downtown area of a city.

Buildings can be left independent and function just fine on their own, but there are advantages to making them into a city. Cities are formed when a capitol is built, and extended further with police stations.

Cities allows the construction of banks, declaring of capitals, increased population migration, easier management and creation of city reports.


A city controls the jurisdiction area created by its capitol and police stations. Empires are blocked from constructing any buildings inside the jurisdiction of another empire's city.

The size of the jurisdiction depends on the police station building design used. The jurisdiction area of a city can be further extended by building more police stations.

City Control

All buildings inside the jurisdiction area will change ownership to that of the capitol building's empire.

World Claim

When a world is claimed, all cities and buildings on the world will change ownership to that of the claim.

For more information, see the Claim page.


The morale of a city's population determines if population is immigrating or emigrating. When morale is zero or positive, population will try to immigrate into the city. When morale is negative, the population will emigrate out of the city.

For more information, see the City Morale page.

Imbox content.png Known issue!
When population is zero the morale is overwritten to be zero as well. This can hide large morale penalties and make citizen move out again right after immigrating in. Check city history report to try and catch a glimpse of a time when the morale is not overwritten.

Abandonment Decay

Buildings and cities decay to remove unused and unwanted data from the game. If a city has no population for an extended period of time, buildings will start to crumble due to decay.

The exact mechanics of this in Hazeron Starship are currently unknown.