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Troop is the name given to a NPC or avatar holding a troop berth on board a spacecraft.

Avatar Troop

When an avatar holds a troop berth on board a spacecraft it has authority over the turrets of the ship. They are responsible for the defense of their vessel, such as in case it is being boarded by intruders.

Unlike NPCs, an avatar is not required to hold a troop breath in order man turrets. So troop berths are normally only given to avatars if there are no other berths available or they can't be trusted with a command position onboard the spacecraft.

NPC Troop

Troops are soldiers in charge of defense. Troops can use all armor types and handheld weapons.

Troops spawn with the best armor and handheld weapon available from their spawning city. Weapon preference is as follows:

  1. Laser Rifle
  2. Laser Pistol
  3. Кала́шников
  4. Rifle
  5. Pistol
  6. Knife
  7. Hammer

Troops gain rank as a result of accumulating experience points. As rank increases, their skill increases.

Troop Ranks
Icon Name Short
RankPrivate.png Private Pvt
RankCorporal.png Corporal Cpl
RankSergeant.png Sergeant Sgt
RankMasterSergeant.png Master Sergeant MSgt

Base Soldiers

Military buildings with soldier guard posts will spawn soldiers, which will then defend their area.

The best available handheld weapons and armor is given out to stationed soldiers periodically.

Spacecraft Troops

Troops can be loaded onto a spacecraft from cities with a private security contractor or bases with a space marine barracks and a military airport terminal.

Troops will operate the turrets or stand guard at specific locations on their stationed spacecraft. Troops that exceed the turret or guard duties will stay in the barracks and wait for vacancy, they will however also chase down intruders.

Ordering a troop to garrison will cause the troop desert if ordered to garrison any location other than a base. When garrisoning a base, the troop will join the base's soldier population.