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The logo of Hazeron Starship

Hazeron Starship is the singleplayer version of Shores of Hazeron, which will be released on the Steam store.

Store page: currently private/hidden

SteamDB entry: https://steamdb.info/app/2239520/info/


On 2021-02-03, Haxus started sending out beta keys for Steam access to Hazeron Starship. This was fully playable, and included some UI changes to accommodate the singleplayer aspect, such as a "Save Game" button and revamped logo.

This release included none of the updated story Haxus was working on, and only the basic village was present at the start.

Version-wise, this was still 6e15 in the client.

Haxus has acknowledged the possibility of adding "limited multiplayer" functionality to Starship in the future - a commonly requested feature by players following the end of the MMO.

As of January 2022, Haxus announced plans to release Starship on Steam and resumed development on it.[1]

Starship and the MMO both have a similar build process, to minimize development time on Haxus' end. This means bugfixes for Shores could easily be replicated in Starship.

As of the update on the 7th February 2023, Starship has been integrated with the Steam Workshop.[2][3]
This allows players to upload, view, download, comment on and rate both spacecraft and building designs, mostly through the respective in-game blueprint exchange UIs. Ratings on workshop items are shown in-game on the exchange listing, as a 1-5 star value. Tags are automatically applied to the items depending on what the design contains - so a spacecraft with Gravity Drives and a Vulcium Hull would have those two things tagged separately. Access level (full/restricted) is also tagged.

Note: Due to Starship being in a closed beta state, the Workshop page is only accessible if you are logged in to Steam with an account that has access to the beta.