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Shores of Hazeron
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The game, Shores of Hazeron, has been in development since 20??-??-??. The game server was however first opened to the public 20??-??-??.

Some interesting, noteworthy, and/or impressive events have happened along the way.


The game universe has been restarted a few times over the years, each of these periods are commonly called universes, but have also been called galaxies in the past when the universe only consisted of one galaxy.

Full list of all game universes.

Name Start Date End Date Size
Universe 1  ????-??-??  ????-??-?? 1 galaxy
Universe 2  ????-??-??  ????-??-?? 1 galaxy
Universe 3 2010-12-31 2013-12-31 1 galaxy
Universe 4 2013-12-31 2014-08-15 Universe
Universe 5 2015-02-16 Current Universe

There are no plans to end the 5th universe or other wise reset the universe.[1][2]


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