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An asteroid about to impact a habitable world.

The asteroid is an event that starts when a new avatar enters the universe. Their starting world will be in danger and need saving.

The asteroid is explained by the stargazer of a village.

Time Until Impact

The time before the asteroid will impact is a week or 168 hours from when the avatar first spawns on the world.


Cities with an observatory report the presence of an asteroid in its solar system, which is necessary to detect asteroids at extreme range. Asteroids known to be on a collision course with a world will cause an event log alert in the city report.

Space stations with sensors or cities with radar will also report asteroids in the their event log, if they are detected within sensor range.

The asteroid is always marked as enemy, and can thus be targeted from a fire control station by both AI and avatars. It will also appear on the Unit list for attack and follow orders.


Depending upon the size of asteroid to impact a world, devastation could range from destruction of all cities to complete annihilation of the world body.

The largest asteroids are absorbed by gas giants harmlessly.

Moons and rings left behind when a planet is destroyed become asteroids immediately. All cities on moons are destroyed.


The goal is to develop the needed technology to get into space and blowup the asteroid.

You will only be able to see and attack the asteroid once it physically spawns in the system, which is 8 hours before the impact time.

The asteroid can be destroyed by a space fighter, a spacecraft with weapons, or military weapon systems.

The asteroid will slowly break down into smaller pieces as it is damaged.

Note: It is not recommended to use military weapon systems to attempt to destroy asteroids, as they will not be able to damage the asteroid enough by the time it gets into range.[1]


Haxus visited the homeworld of Tamunshin to help with an asteroid, however they were unable to destroy it before the impact. Haxus recorded a video of the impact which can be seen here:

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