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Founding Date 2014-01-12
Member Count 1-2
Key Members
  • Deantwo (Founder & leader)

The Foxtail empire is best known for its founder and leader, Deantwo. The Foxtail empire has never had many members, primarily being a solo-player empire with no strong military presence. The Foxtail empire has for the most of its existence been passive and avoided conflict. Main focus was mainly helping other small empires get to the stars and self preservation.

The primary species of the Foxtail empire is known as Foxtails. Being similar to human but with ears similar to that of an Earth fox. Contrary to their name, Foxtails do not have tails, but this is blamed on the limited customizability of the game's Gen3 creature editor.

Universe 4

The Foxtail empire was was first founded at the start of the fourth universe. Not partaking in any conflicts and only making contact with few other empires.

However the Foxtail leader, Deantwo, published stories about his empire's struggles and exploits on the public forums in a thread titled "To The Stars Without Oil".[1]

The "To The Star Without Oil" forum thread was regrettably lost along with the old forum when one of the server died.

The main focus of the stories was on the fact that the Foxtail homeworld was totally without access to oil. This forced the empire to rely solely on space rockets for space travel. Deantwo spent a couple weeks attempting to locate oil in other solar systems by deadheading to them in a space rocket without an EV suit or access to harsh environment construction.

The initial story ended with Deantwo actually did a survey flight in the Foxtail home system, locating a world in the outer orbit zone that contained large amounts of oil. Even better was that the world was actually semi-habitable and therefore didn't require harsh environment construction. From there building a colony on the world only took a few space rocket trips back and forth with construction materials.

The story continues with random travel journey entries. Deantwo decided to not use wormhole-drives at all, instead creating fast spacecraft capable of deadheading with ease. The at the time emission system meant that locating other empires was easy and visiting them via deadheading meant there was no need to navigate wormholes.

The final chapter of the story was when the 4th universe ended.

Universe 5

In the fifth universe the Foxtail empire started out slow, using a whole week just to develop electricity. However, the capital city of Rævehjerte would stand for a total of 4 years, withstanding a number of attacks from other empires.

For most of the universe the Foxtail empire was in a state of peace and otherwise without major events. The primary goal of the Foxtail empire was always to make contact with the fledgling empires of the Shores of Hazeron galaxy to help them get through the tougher stages of development.

The first attacks against the Foxtail empire were conducted by a small rouge empire by the name of Axe. The Axe empire seemed to simply raid any colonies they could find and stole spacecraft to do it. The homeworld of the Axe empire was found and captured by allies of the Foxtail empire, supposedly by randomly attempting to join the Axe empire and finding no password requirement. After this, the Axe empire vanished as suddenly as it had appeared; if they had any benefactors, it was never fully confirmed.

The later, and much more devastating, attacks on the Foxtail empire were conducted by an empire called Hegemony of Equestria. The attacks came out of nowhere and they clearly had a grudge and resources from somewhere. Their first attack captured the Foxtail empire capital city of Rævehjerte. The fallout from governmental instability caused widespread chaos throughout the Foxtail empire, resulting in many outlaying colonies to decay over night. The Foxtail military was able to recapture the capital city but damage had already been done. The government body was relocated to a hidden ringworld colony in the Heart of Victorus galaxy.

Further attacks were staged again the Foxtail empire capital city. While the Foxtail empire was out manned and outgunned, they did manage to repeal an attack by ramming the Hegemony of Equestria empire's warship in orbit with an old Foxtail battlecruiser.

I few other empires joined together with the Foxtail empires in attempt to locate and eliminate the Hegemony of Equestria empire. It was later revealed that the Hegemony of Equestria empire was a proxy created by the French Empire.

The end to the Foxtail empire came much later. After most of the major empires had abandoned the universe. The only remaining major empire was the Weltreich empire. They instated a policy to capture cities of empires they deemed to be inactive, saying it was both to preserve them and to not let them go to waste. The Foxtail empire condemned their attacks on inactive empires, but there was nothing that could be done about it, and they did seem somewhat reasonable when their victims complained.

After a few minor diplomatic incidents with the Weltreich empire, the Weltreich empire attacked the Foxtail empire in order to prove sone misguided point. The original capital city of Rævehjerte was captured and damaged, but it was saved before it was lost. However the hidden ringworld colony in the Heart of Victorus galaxy which was serving as the Foxtail empire capital city was razed to the ground, breaking whatever trust the Foxtail empire had shown by revealing its location to the Weltreich empire long ago. The major government instability caused by the loss of the empire capital city again resulted in widespread chaos and decay, this caused long lasting harm to the Foxtail empire that it would never truly recover from.[2]

A new treaty for peace was attempted with the Weltreich empire after the events. However after some time the Weltreich empire broke the treaty for unknown reasons and attacked the Foxtail empire a couple more time. After another such unprovoked and very devastating attack on the Foxtail empire, the Foxtail government decided that there was no point in trying to rebuild. Instead the Foxtail empire assumed a guerrilla warfare strategy against the undefeatable Weltreich empire. Dedicating whatever remaining resources they had to lash out against anything with a Weltreich flag.[3]

At the end of the universe, the Foxtail empire had only one real colony remaining. It had stayed undetected in a minor radar blind spot in the eastern cluster. A high number of Weltreich-controlled cities had been destroyed, and the Weltreich empire had been able to do little in return. However the Foxtail empire knew that the damage it had dealt was meaningless and meant nothing to the Weltreich empire in the end. Surprisingly towards the end the Weltreich empire seemed annoyed enough by the continued attacks that they declared the whole universe to be their hostages and began to purposely wipeout innocent bystanders in order to force the Foxtail empire to stop.[4]