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Spacecraft are the primary way of navigating the universe.

A spacecraft is designed by players at a design studio and constructed at a spacecraft factory.

Spacecraft Definitions

Depending on the design, a spacecraft will have one of three definitions.

  • Spaceship
  • Starship
  • Space Station


Spaceship is the most basic spacecraft definition, it is given to any spacecraft that has the minimum requirements for sub-light travel.

Since a spaceship is limited to sub-light speed, it mostly used to travel between worlds in a solar system. They can be used for interstellar travel, but has to relay on deadheading.


A starship is the definition given to a spaceship capable of faster than light (FTL) travel, this is archived with a FTL drive.

There is no other difference between a spaceship and a starship, other than the presence of a FTL drive.

Space Station

Space stations are spacecraft with such a low acceleration that they can do nothing but hold their position. They act as the first line of defense for a planet and as a trading and docking station for other spacecraft. They may also act as resource collectors when placed near suns, gas giants, worlds and rings.

Company vs. Fleet

Common practice is to think of fleet spacecraft as expendable, and any spacecraft of personal value should be purchased as a company spacecraft.

While stations can be purchased as a company spacecraft, the benefits of doing so are limited.

Company spacecraft can not be switched to fleet spacecraft and vice versa.

Both types can be crewed from universities in a city, depending on the amount of housing available there.


Company spacecraft are owned by an avatar.

The company spacecraft will have its title holder shown on Spacecraft window's Policy tab. The title can be released, allowing another avatar to claim it instead.

Probably the biggest advantage a company spacecraft has is that is not subject to fleet tax. It does however have to pay for its own fuel, ammunition and repairs.

Company Spacecraft
Pros Cons
Trade transactions not subject to fleet tax Have to pay for repairs, fuel and ammunition
Cannot be captured, self destruct instead Costs money from the avatar to make

Company spacecraft are made when a spacecraft is purchased at a spacecraft factory.


Fleet spacecraft are owned by an empire's government.

Any empire member can take control of a fleet spacecraft if it does not have an officer or captain already. A spacecraft with a NPC officer is under the control of empire members that is in chain of command of the officer's home world.

Fleet Spacecraft
Pros Cons
Free repairs, fuel and ammunition Trade transactions subject to fleet tax
Free for the avatars to make Can be captured
Can also be crewed from a base's star fleet academy Has to get troops from a base's space marine barracks

Fleet spacecraft are made at a spacecraft factory using mass production processes.

Space Stations

Space stations act as a trade hub for a solar system. Every city in the solar system that has an airport terminal can be traded with while in service area of a station. This makes it possible to buy from any city and sell to any city. It is also possible to load and unload officers, crew, troops and passengers with those cities.

Space stations are instantly destroyed if they make contact a planet's surface.

Service Area

The size of a station's service area is indicated with a rotating beacon, visible when piloting a vehicle or spacecraft. Visiting vehicles and spacecraft must enter the service area of a station to moor there, get repairs, refuel, and use the station as a trade hub.

The station's service area extends 100m beyond the overall radius of the station's hull. This means that a bigger station will result is a bigger service area.

The size of the service area is increased by the quality level of the command and control module installed on the station.


The number of stations is strictly limited in the game. Excess stations are decommissioned (destroyed). Decommission rules do not apply to pirate stations, stations in an arena battle, stations in tow, or company owned stations that have an avatar officer on the roster.

A station that is not at a planet is decommissioned if no officer is aboard and it is no longer in any scene.

A station that is at a planet is decommissioned if no officer or online avatar is aboard, when another station from the same empire orbits the same world and that other station does not have an officer either. This imposes a limit of one station without an officer per empire per world. The number of stations with officers is not limited.


When a new fleet station is manufactured, it is launched into orbit above the spacecraft factory. If another fleet station from the same empire without an officer is in orbit at the time, it is replaced by the new station. Crew and cargo is transferred from the old station to the new station. The new station is christened with the same name held by the old station.

If the design of the new station is the same as the old station, the factory will wait to launch the new station. A spacecraft factory can be left to automatically manufacture stations. The factory will launch a station then build the next one. The next one will not launch until the station in orbit is destroyed, removed, or given an officer. Then the waiting station will launch and the factory will commence building the next one.

Changing the station design at the spacecraft factory, or production of a higher quality level station, will result in replacement of the station in orbit.

But wait, how do I fly this thing?

Commanding a Spacecraft

See Commanding a Spacecraft for information on assigning missions to your crew (automated piloting, mining and gas harvesting missions, trade routes, etc).

Note: without an Officer on board, a mission must be marked complete by the player in order to carry out the next in the queue.

Spaceship Consoles

Manual piloting is done through the Helm Station. Sitting in the Captain's Chair will give you access to the crew consoles listed below.

Dp PilotConsole.png Helm Station

Dp EngineerConsole.png Engineer Station

Dp FireControlConsole.png Weapon Station

Dp NavConsole.png Navigator Station

Dp SensorConsole.png Sensor Station

Dp ShieldConsole.png Shield Station

Dp CmdConsole.png Command and Control Station

See Category:Consoles for more information.

Other Controls

When inside a spacecraft, there will be a bar to the right of your screen with some additional options.

System Function System Function
Door Pc DoorToggle.png Toggle Door*
Open/Close the door.

Pc LockToggle.png Toggle Lock*
Lock a door so that players and crew members may not open or close it.

Cabin Lights Pc CabinLightsDark.png Dark
Interior is dark. Windows are opaque from the outside.

Pc CabinLightsDim.png Dim
Interior is dim. Windows are opaque from the outside.

Pc CabinLightsBright.png Bright
Interior is bright. Windows are transparent from the outside.

Bridge HUD Display Pc DisplayStarNames.png Star Names
Display the names of stars while player is on the bridge.

DisplayOrbits.png Orbits
Display the orbits of system objects while player is on the bridge.

Pc DisplayWormholes.png Wormholes
Display wormhole paths while player is on the bridge.

Lift Pc Lift.png Lift
When inside a lift, displays a dropdown of locations the lift can take you to. Select one to be transported there.

* Only appears when the cursor is over a door control.

Produced by

Building Produces Consumed Required Optional

Spacecraft Factory 1 Spacecraft

* Depends on blueprint
** Only with specific equipment

** Only with specific equipment