United Intergalactic Republic

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United Intergalactic Republic
Founding Date 2014-05-03
Alliance Members
  • Tau'ri Empire (Founder)
  • Klingon Empire (Founder)
  • Rooster Crown Trading Co. (Founder)
  • The Cobra Empire (Founder)
  • Collective Consciousness
  • Galactic Federation of Space
  • The Fantastic Papal Estates
  • Eviscerating Mental Patients
  • Vorgon
  • Galactic Marines
  • Labor
  • Lowlife Scum
  • 'Traveler-41'
  • Moonlit Aristocracy

General Overview

The United Intergalactic Republic (UIR) was a formal alliance founded in Universe 4 to protect the safety and independence of its sovereign member states from the various aggressive expansionist empires in the galaxy at the time.


In May 2014, Chancellor Martok stepped down as the leader of the Klingon Empire. Martok decided to install Jack O'Neill who was the leader of The Tau'ri Empire- a vassal state of the Klingon Empire, as his replacement. Jack O'Neill, adopting the Klingon name Worf for his role as Chancellor, quickly began negotiations with the leaders of other empires such as the Rooster Crown Trading Co. and The Cobra Empire, who collectively decided to form an alliance in order to help govern the galaxies, protect member states safety and independence, and provide military and diplomatic support to smaller empires.

On May 4th 2014, The United Intergalactic Republic was formed, lead by Jack O'Neill under the name Finis Valorum. The newly formed UIR began to climb the rankings and eventually became the top ranked empire.

Annexation of the Core Galaxy

The UIR soon made friends with other Alliances such as the Moonlit Aristocracy and began joint operations, this became advantageous for the Tau'ri Empire as they had previously began colonisation in the Core galaxy in cooperation with Blaze of the Anglican Alliance- a member of the Moonlit Aristocracy. After the eventual inactivity of Blaze, the Tau'ri Empire utilised their first Warp Drive vessel, the Phoenix to mount a rescue mission to the abandoned Anglican colonies. Unfortunately they did not arrive in time and the population had perished, as a result, the Tau'ri Empire annexed the Core Galaxy and declared it under the protection of the UIR.