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Technology Update
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The historic technology system in the game for many years remained relatively similar. Eventually, the common consensus slowly turned against it, with players recommending the plain removal of the TL value from everything and replacing the mechanic with something new.

On 2017-09-25[1], Haxus released the patch notes for an update that could remove the "TL" as hoped. The patch notes included a few questions about a few values and how to transition from the old system to the new. Players mentioned that in many cases the proposed new system may have had many of the same issues as the old system.

On 2018-09-21[2], that new system was also removed. This meant that there was nothing preventing harvesting of resources or affecting the quality of the production.

Eventually, patents were added. These functioned as a type of "tech tree", and also limited the quality level of outputs. This was also removed.


As mentioned above, the tech level (TL) system, building quality level system, and patent systems have all been removed. Currently, nothing prevents or affects the quality of harvested resources. If your survey says the moon has Q250 Lumenite, you can harvest it at that level without any issue or delay.

A new technology system might be planned out later.



Total Removal