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This page is for specifics to creating a building blueprint with the new designer.

Refer to the Designer for info on how to use the designer

First Steps

The first thing to be done when designing a building is to configure the blueprint properties. The structure should be established right away, because it affects what parts can be added to the design.

In most building designs, the next thing to be done is design the building site.


  • The site must be within 255m from the center.
  • A site must pass through the center.
  • Hull may not extend past the edge of the site.
  • Hull cannot be higher then 1000m above the center or 100m below.
  • Hull volume cannot exceed 104,000,000m3.
  • Mesh do not have limits on size.
  • Rooms do not have limits on size, but will cost resources.
  • Hull and room voids do not alter the hull volume, just the collisions.
  • Room voids allow for gravity, Hull voids keep the outside gravity.
  • For a site to be considered a field, it must have the type of field. It is natural ground by default.

Building Volume

Volume per space
Space Volume
Arena 5000
Auditorium 1132
Battery 7.25
Storage 0.085
Generator 2265
Large Home 228
Medium Home 114
Small Home 57
Lounge 637
Office 34
Shop 91
Store 566
Field (m2) 4000

Support requirements

If a building is to be use in non-habitable environments, it will require life support volume and maybe some volume assigned as framework.

Support requirements
Environment type Life Support m3
per job or home
Framework % Multiplier
Habitable 0 0 0
Airless 1 0 1
Frigid 3 5 1.053
Inferno 4 11 1.124
Sea Bottom 0.5 15 1.177
Frigid Sea 2 20 1.25
Gas Giant 3.5 25 1.334
Everywhere 4 25 1.334

Life support volume requirement is per job or home. So if you have a building with 10 lounges and 1 office, it will require 44m3 life support to be on an inferno world.