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An officer is a special type of NPC, when in command of a spaceship the officer will mark spacecraft orders as complete when they are completed and receive new orders via the Comm.

Officers are also able to do buy and sell orders, unlike ships without an officer. This means that it is possible to create a repeating spacecraft mission in order to set up trade routes. Buy goods in one system, fly to another, sell goods, fly back, repeat.

Officers may also be put in command of space stations, allowing it to operate away from a world to conduct harvest missions or aid in defense.

Officers gain rank as a result of accumulating experience points. As rank increases, their skill increases.

Offier Ranks
Icon Name Short
RankO1.png Ensign ENS
RankO2.png Lieutenant Junior Grade LTJG
RankO3.png Lieutenant LT
RankO4.png Commander CDR
RankO5.png Captain CAPT
RankO6.png Admiral ADM

Officers are also essential for solo Berth-a-Ports.


Officer cadets become available from a university or a star fleet academy on worlds that are habitable, meaning:

Each habitable world will generate one officer cadet. Ringworlds will yield one officer cadet per arc, since each arc is considered a separate habitable world.

A city's city report will mention if it has an officer cadet available for deployment.

If an officer dies, a new officer cadet will become available on the world it originated from.


Officers are allowed on ship or space station with at least one officer berth.

To have an officer board a ship, use the Comm (F2) window's Trade channel, and offer the open berth. If an officer is available, they will immediately board the ship.

The Con

An NPC officer is the officer in command when they have the con. The con is a symbolic token held by the officer in command. The officer in command executes the mission of the spacecraft. While it is possible to give the con to more than one officer at once, only one of them actually commands the ship. Avatars in the chain of command of the spacecraft always have the authority to execute mission orders so they do not hold or maintain a token representing the con. The Unit Orders (Shift+F3) window is used to give an officer the con and to revoke the con. It also shows which officers have the con, as "in command of/commanding shipname".


If the world that the officer was spawned from no longer has a city that is part of their empire on it, the officer will become homesick. He will notify you of this in the reports the ship sends by mail. After 7 days of being homesick, he will commit suicide.