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A moon claimed by the Foxtail empire.

Worlds can be claimed for an empire. A claim is staked by raising a flag of your empire. To do this, hold a flag in a ready inventory slot and select it as the current item in hand. Look at the exact spot to put the flag pole and left click with the mouse.

When a world is claimed, all cities and buildings on that world become part of the claiming empire, if they were not already.


Once a world is claimed, only the empire holding the claim can construct buildings, cities and bases on the world.

A world does not have to be claimed to build a city. An unclaimed world can hosts cities of multiple empires.

A world must be claimed to construct a military headquarters.

Quit Claim

A world can be unclaimed. This is called quitting the claim. The Governance window (default F12), Cities and Bases tab, provides a button to quit the claim of the world you are currently on.

When a claim is quit, cities on the world revert to their former empires, if they were part of a different empire when the claim was staked.

Stealing Claims

You can steal the claim to worlds from other empires simply by claiming the world yourself. Once you do so, the original flag claim will disappear.

Note: The claim to a world with a military base cannot be stolen. Claims of friend empires cannot be stolen.

Claims of neutral empires can be stolen with confirmation. The first attempt to steal the claim from a neutral empire warns that the world is already claimed. A second attempt to claim that world within one minute steals the claim.


Surrendering a city to the Imperium.
Imbox content.png Known issue!

It appears that currently surrendering cities to pirate empires does not work. They never accept the request

It is possible to surrender cities to another empire. This was historically used as war negotiations during the MMO.