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Crewman is the name given to a NPC or avatar holding a crew berth on board a spacecraft.

Crewmen play a vital part in spacecraft operations, as they are in charge of operating the systems on board. They are some times called other titles to describe the console station they are currently manning, such as Pilot, Navigator, or Engineer.

Avatar Crewmen

When an avatar holds a crew berth on board a spacecraft it has authority over NPC crewmen and are able to give them orders. Avatar crewman does however not have authority over the spacecraft itself.

They are able to see the spacecraft mission so that they can attempt to follow the orders on it, but they do not have the power to change the mission.

NPC Crewmen

NPC crewmen operate the console stations on the spacecraft or space station, where they are posted. Crewmen that exceed the number of control stations stay in their cabins and wait for vacancy.

The amount of crew available to board ships depends on the homes within university buildings. For example, if your only university has 5 homes, you'll only be able to board 5 crew members at a time.

Crewmen are able to join the citizen population of a city if they are ordered to garrison while in the city.

Crewmen spawn with an EV suit and a handheld weapon, if available from their spawning city. Weapon preferences are as following:

  1. Laser Pistol
  2. Pistol
  3. Wrench

Crewmen gain rank as a result of accumulating experience points. As rank increases, their skills rise, as they are getting better in what they do. Experienced crewmen are a valuable asset, that can be very useful.

Crewman Ranks
Icon Name Short
RankSN.png Starman SN
RankPO.png Petty Officer PO
RankCPO.png Chief Petty Officer CPO
RankMCPO.png Master Chief Petty Officer MCPO