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Passenger is the name given to a NPC or avatar holding a passenger berth on board a spacecraft.

Avatar Passenger

When an avatar holds a passenger berth on board a spacecraft it is limited to non-crew sections of the spacecraft and has no authority over any of the crew.

Passenger avatars cannot see the layout of the spacecraft from the top-down view and cannot open crew doors. They are also restricted from accessing their sea chest unless the spacecraft's policy is set to allow it.

NPC Passenger

Citizens can be loaded onto a spacecraft as passengers from a city.

Passengers can be used to transfer population from one city to another, this is useful for kick-starting new cities quickly. But they can also be useful for making some money.

Each passenger who departs a city takes 1000¢ with them to pay for the ride. The number of people that can leave is limited by the amount of money in the citizen account of their city. When they arrive at their destination, they pay for the ride and any remaining funds are deposited in the citizen account of their new city.

The citizens traveling in cryo berths are not considered passengers, even though they can be ferried between cities in a similar way.

Passenger Fares

Passenger berths on a spacecraft with Bar cargo access are classified as first class; this insures passengers have food and liquor for their first class travel. Passenger berths are classified as second class if the spacecraft has a room with Pantry cargo access, providing the passengers food and water. Third class passenger berths require passengers to bring those things for themselves

When unloading passengers into a city the passengers will pay fares for being transported to another city than the one they came from. The passengers fares are further increased depending on the accommodation aboard the spacecraft.

Passenger Fares
Third Class Second Class First Class
Same city
Same world
Same system 30¢ 60¢ 90¢
Other system 300¢ 600¢ 900¢