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Inspecting the sea chest.

Each avatar has a personal sea chest. This is a private cargo space that travels with you wherever you go. Your sea chest is a safe place to store personal items that you don't want to lose or have stolen.

Accessing the Sea Chest

Sea chest is accessed using the Cargo (Interface) (F5) window while you are in your assigned spacecraft berth or while standing at your home in your home city.

It can hold up to 100 units of commodities. This includes containers, such as backpacks, which will only count as one unit regardless of its contains.

Adding an inscription to items or containers can help with organizing. For example labeling your backpack full of explosives so you can easily find it among other backpacks.

Spacecraft Berth

In your cabin, stand near your berth and press E to enter the bunk. Your berth provides life support even if the spacecraft is airless. You can safely access equipment in your sea chest that may be needed to survive when you exit the bunk.

Imbox content.png Known issue!

Currently the sea chest is not always accessible on a spacecraft. The spacecraft blueprint has to have been designed with the berth being in a room with the "wardrobe" cargo access option.[1]

Home City

At your home, you do not have to be in a berth to access your sea chest. You can be anywhere at the building site, in or out of the building itself.


  • Sea chest can only be accessed while you are in your assigned berth aboard a spacecraft, or while you are standing at your home building's site in your home city.
  • Sea chest stores up to 100 items in each galaxy. Contents do not count against the hold space limit of the spacecraft.
    • Unlike normal spacecraft hold, the sea chest can store non-empty containers and thereby contain more than 100 items in total. Inscribing containers to better keep track of them is recommended.
  • Sea chest automatically travels with you wherever you go.
  • Sea chest is not lost if you do not have a berth aboard a spacecraft or a home. Sea chest becomes accessible when you next take a berth or declare a new home.
  • Items in your sea chest are not lost when the spacecraft is destroyed, when your character dies, or for any other reason.
  • Items in your sea chest do not decay.
  • Sea chest cannot be accessed by any other avatar; it is your private space.