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The hold is where commodities are stored as cargo onboard a spacecraft.

Cargo Access

Each room void in a spacecraft blueprint can have its hold access configured, or disabled entirely. They can be set to make the entire hold accessible, or only specific categories of items like alcohol for bars and lounges:

  • Inaccessible prevents access to the hold.
  • Armory accesses weapons, armor and ammunition.
  • Bar accesses some food and drinks.
  • Feeder accesses food and water.
  • Fuel Coupling accesses hydrogen fuel.
  • Garage accesses tools, fuel and ammo.
  • Hold accesses all things in the hold.
  • Pantry accesses all food and drinks.
  • Pharmacy accesses medical supplies.
  • Wardrobe accesses clothing and environment suits.

While inside a room void with an accessible hold, it is possible to transfer commodities between the the hold and the personal inventory using the Cargo (Interface) (F5) window's Hold tab.

Hold Damage

When the hold is damaged there is a chance that some or all of the cargo in it is lost.

For more information, see the Spacecraft Damage Control page.