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Offering a trade for the desired commodity.

Trading is used to aquire commodities and items from cities, NPCs, and other avatars.

Trading uses an auction and bidding system in the Comm (F2). The buyer commonly starts by asking if the seller has anything or something specific for sale. The seller then list what is for sale, either as an auction where the buyer has to make a bid, or posted with a predefined price. No matter how the seller posts the commodities for sale the buyer can make any offer they believe to be fair, and then the seller has to accept the bid they want.

Trade Possibilities

It is possible to trade with with different entities depending on location and communication channel used.

Between Avatars

It is possible to post commodities for sale and place bets on any communication channel. This allows trading between avatars, but in order for the trade transaction to be completed, both seller and buyer must be in the same solar system and in close proximity to each other.


Indigenous people in villages will trade what few items they have, they will however not accept money, instead they will trade for other items of equal or greater value.

The villagers will respond to trade requests when asked on the Voice communication channel after they have been hailed once.

City Stores

While in a city, it is possible to trade with cantinas, grocery or retail stores. This is done using the Building (F10) window's Store tab, it will list available wares for sale.

To sell something to a building, click the "Offer to Sell" button on the Building (F10) window's Store tab. Then use the opened communication channel to offer items for sale.

Spacecraft to Cities

While on board a spacecraft you hold an officer berth, all trade with external entities is conducted on behalf of the spacecraft and uses its account and cargo.

Trading with a city requires the city to have a broker. While the spacecraft is landed on a building site, it can communicate with any connected broker. Hail the Trade communication channel to make the broker open a private communication channel, and then use that channel to trade.

While a spacecraft is in the service range of a space station, it can communicate with all brokers that are connected to an airport terminal.

A spacecraft with transporters can trade with any broker in transporter range.