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Transporter Pad
Consumed Materials
Tools Required

Matter transmission facility. Allowing for instant transportation over short distances.

Commonly used to transport personnel and vehicles from a planet's surface to a spacecraft in orbit or vice versa. With access to io tubes, it becomes possible to equip spacecraft with transporters.

For information about how to operate transporters, see the Transporter Station page.


When a spacecraft has a crewman is operating the transporter station, it is possible to request a transporter beam from the ship.

A spacecraft with a working transporter does not require a door to the outside. In order to board a just-built ship with only a transporter, you need to use the transporter console either on a station, on another spacecraft that's already crewed, or in an airport terminal.

Space Stations

Hailing on the Communication's Hail channel will open private channel with all space stations in range. It is then possible to request a transporter beam on those channels if they have a working transporter.

Airport Terminal

An airport terminal may contain transporters depending on the building blueprint used.

The transporter station is not manned, but it is possible to request a transporter beam on the trade communication channel, which will automatically activate the transporter just like with a manned ship.

Apart from that it is possible to manually use the transporter station just like a normal transporter.

Requesting Transport Via Communications

An active transporter portal

Transporter services can be requested over any channel that a Transporter Station operator is listening on, whether it is Voice, Crew, Intercom, etc. Depending on proximity to the requested transporter station, after pressing the MsgTransport.png Request Transporter Beam button in the Comm window, one of two windows will appear.

Requesting to "beam up" to a transporter simply requires selecting how many transporter portals to place at the current location.

Requesting from a distance.

When near a transporter station, there are more options to choose from. Pressing Beam Up will place a specified number of portals at the designated location. Pressing Beam Down will place the specified number of portals on the transporter pad of the station given the request.

Requesting nearby.

After an Avatar collides with a portal, they will be teleported to the specified destination and the portal will vanish.

Transporter Types

There are 2 types of transporters.

Personnel Transporter

The personnel transporter is the default transporter type. It can transport any creature that enters the portals.

It requires transporter pads to be associated with the transporter station in order to function.

Vehicle Transporter

Vehicle transporters are used to transport vehicles to and from a spacecraft. Requesting a beam up while seated in a vehicle will inform the crew to beam up the whole vehicle into a parking spot of the vehicle's type.

The vehicle transporter does not require transporter pads, instead it requires the spacecraft to have parking spots for the individual vehicle type.

Do note that the vehicle transporter can also transport creatures, just like the personnel transporter. This essentially makes it a straight upgrade with no drawbacks.