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Placement Requirement
Maximum Levels
  • 32
  • 1 plus 1 for each level

Construction Speedup

The broker is used in conjunction with trade links (i.e. wharf or airport terminal) to facilitate trade between cities. The amount of goods imported is determined by how many floors of broker are in a given city. The broker will also allow you to buy any goods from your city inventory. A broker does not export goods, but it will import everything that is produced in the system, regardless of the city's actual production needs. This can be useful in the later stages of building a new city, but in the later stages this can become a liability, as product that is needed in one city may in fact be in an another. Due to the increase in import amount per broker level, placing more broker levels at a city makes that city have a higher priority for imported goods than other connected cities.


The city imports once every 6 minutes. Each type of building takes a turn at importing materials. The number of levels of each building determines what % of the other city's materials it imports.

  • Broker - 2% per level of broker in the city, max 80%

Each building type imports from every connected city. Connection type determines amount.

  • Space - Import % divided by 4, min 1
  • Air - Import % divided by 3, min 1
  • Water - Import % divided by 2, min 1
  • Land - Import %

See the City Trade page for more information.


A broker is able to send shipments to cities in other solar systems. Each level of broker allows for one shipment to be made.

When at a broker, it is possible to setup and manage shipments using the City (F10) window's Broker tab.