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Imbox notice.png This page contain information about a feature that has two versions.

To read about the old version, go to Broker/OldVersion.

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Placement Requirement
Maximum Levels
  • 32
  • 1 plus 1 for each level
Construction Materials

Construction Speedup

The broker is used to formulate trades between spacecraft and buildings on the surface of a world.

Secondly a broker allows sending of shipments to other solar systems.


A broker will buy and sell commodities from its inventory and connected building's inventories to spacecraft. A spacecraft may trade cargo with any broker if the ship is physically present on a connected building's site. When connected to an airport terminal, spacecraft may trade cargo with the broker if they are near a friendly space station in the solar system. A space station acts as a trade hub for all friendly brokers connected to an airport terminal in the solar system.

See the Trade page for more information.


A broker is able to send shipments to cities in other solar systems. A maximum number of shipments can be scheduled at and enroute from a broker at any one time, this is determined by the number of offices in the building design.

When at a broker, it is possible to setup and manage shipments using the City (F10) window's Broker tab.