Airport Terminal

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Airport Terminal
Placement Requirement
Maximum Levels
  • 1
  • 2
Construction Materials

Tools Required

Construction Speedup

Airport terminals listen and respond to hail requests on the Hail channel. Passengers are loaded and unloaded at airport terminals. Spacecraft services are available at airport terminals, such as house keeping and extermination of vermin.

Airport terminals are essential for any city, they establish a trade connection with all other cities in a solar system that also have an airport terminal.

These are usually one of the first buildings constructed on a newly founded moonbase, along with the broker.

They allow a city to be picked up by a spacecraft's sensor and allow the city to reply to long distance transmissions.

For more information on trading, see the City Trade page.


The airport terminal contains a sensor station which can be used just like the ones used aboard a spacecraft.

The strength of the sensors is equal to a spacecraft's sensors with 1 sensor unit for every airport terminal and 10 sensor units military weapon system and military shield generator.

SensorStrength = AirportTerminal amount + (MilitaryWeaponSystem amount + MilitaryShieldGenerator amount) * 10

If an airport terminal detects an enemy spacecraft on its sensors, it will cause the city to send out a distress city report.


The airport terminal has also has transporter capabilities. Using the transporter console it is possible to beam one self up to any unshielded spacecraft in range. This is especially useful to get onto newly constructed spacecraft in orbit.

The console is however unmanned, so it has to be operated manually. The airport terminal can however automatically handle beam up requests sent to it via the trade communication channel or the city's private channel.

The range of the transporter increases with airport terminal QL.


The airport terminal is one of the three buildings required for an officer to spawn. The other two are a university and a spacecraft factory.

System Survey

Once a city has both an airport terminal and an observatory, an automatic system survey is completed of the city's solar system.

See the System Survey page for more information.

System Emission

Once a city has an airport terminal, it will start receiving emissions from surrounding solar systems. The higher the QL of the airport terminal, the farther away emissions can be detected.

For more information on emissions, see the System Emission page.