Airport Terminal

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Airport Terminal
Type Building
Description Connects All Airports in a Solar System. Boards/debarks crew, troops and passengers to/from spacecraft.
Placement Requirement Can't build on aliens' claims.
Can't build in aliens' jurisdiction.
Structural Requirements
Arena Ok
Auditorium Ok
Battery Ok
Commodity Storage 1m³ Space Required
Field Area Ok
Generator No
Guard Post No
Home, Large Ok
Home, Medium Ok
Home, Small Ok
Livestock Ok
Lounge Space Ok
Office Space 2 Office Required
Parking, Ground Vehicles Ok
Parking, Space Vehicles Ok
Parking, Water Vehicles Ok
Parking, Spacecraft 1 Spot Required
Radar Ok
Shield Generator No
Shop Space Ok
Space Vehicle Launchers Ok
Space Vehicle Recovery Systems Ok
Store Space Ok
Surgery Units No
Transporters Ok
Turrets No
Weapon Bays No

Airport terminals listen and respond to hail requests on the Hail communication channel. Passengers are loaded and unloaded at airport terminals. Spacecraft services are available at airport terminals, such as house keeping and extermination of vermin.

An airport terminal is essential for any colony.

Trade Connection

Airport terminals are essential for any city, they establish a trade connection with all other cities in a solar system that also have an airport terminal.


The airport terminal has also has transporter capabilities. Using the transporter console it is possible to beam one self up to any unshielded spacecraft in range. This is especially useful to get onto newly constructed spacecraft in orbit.

The console is however unmanned, so it has to be operated manually. The airport terminal can however automatically handle beam up requests sent to it via the trade communication channel or the city's private channel.