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Everything in the universe decays over time if it is not visited or used. Commodities dropped on the ground will decay, unless placed as static items. Spacecraft slowly decay when they are without a captain or officer. Officers abandon their command if not hailed monthly. Cities decay when they become deserted. Even whole solar systems can decay and revert back to their original state.

Sector Decay

Solar System Decay

City Decay

Cities don't decay with out a reason, most commonly it is due to morale issues.

When a city's morale is negative the population slowly leaves.

When the population of a city is one or zero, the city is deserted. The buildings and roads of deserted cities crumble away, a few at every city report cycle. After no more buildings or roads remain, the town square itself crumbles away, leaving no trace that it ever existed on the world.

City Abandonment

The most common cause of city decay is abandonment. In short a city will get an increasing morale penalty when it doesn't have a sector capital and empire capital or isn't visited by an avatar once in a while.

For more information, see the City Abandonment page.

Pirate City Decay

Cities belonging to a pirate empire will start decaying 3 days after the last flag (town square or military flag) changed ownership. When a military flag decays it counts as having been changed and city decay is postponed by another 3 days.

Cities can revolt and join a pirate empire due to neglect.

For more information, see the City Neglect page.

Spacecraft Decay

Environmental Decay

Spacecraft slowly decay in the form of environmental damage when left abandoned in unsuitable environments.

If a spacecraft is inside an atmosphere it will very slowly take damage from the environment. This includes worlds with no atmosphere density, such as moons.

A spacecraft in space without power will be unable to withstand the cold void of space, slowly taking damage until the hull fails.

To prevent environmental decay:

  • Have a NPC officer or an avatar on the spacecraft's roster and have it landed on a road slab
  • Park the spacecraft in orbit and make sure it has fuel to maintain its power plant
  • Store the spacecraft in a hangar

Crew Mutiny

All spacecraft need to be hailed once every 4 weeks or the ship will be lost to mutiny. Which ends with the officer ordering the spacecraft to self-destruct.

Since last hailed by command
Days Ship log message
0 - 6 The crew has high spirits. Every day seems filled with anticipation.
7 - 13 More than a week has passed since we were last hailed by command.
The crew is quiet, intent on their work as they attend to their duties.
14 - 20 More than two weeks have passed since we last heard from command.
There have been some tense confrontations between the crew members.
21 - 27 More than three weeks have passed since we lost contact with command.
Some of the crew have become surly and insubordinate. Fighting among them is a daily occurance.

Officer Homesickness

If all cities on an officer's homeworld is lost, either to decay or captured by an enemy empire, the officer will commit suicide.

When committing suicide, the officer will self-destruct the spacecraft on which he is stationed, unless there is another officer or captain on the spacecraft's roster.

Commander-less Officer

If there is no avatar in charge of the homewold of an officer, it will commit suicide.

The spacecraft the officer was stationed on will not be harmed.

Item Decay

Items dropped on the ground will decay slowly, taking ??? durability damage every ???. The decay is significantly increased when there is no online avatar near the item.