Spacecraft Respawn

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Pulling a spacecraft out of the stasis dimension requires skilled mechanics.

When a spacecraft is destroyed while an avatar holds the captain's berth or an officer berth, it is saved in stasis. A spacecraft in stasis can then be respawned later if the avatar doesn't release the berth.

Stasis State

Cargo, crew, and vehicles on board the spacecraft are lost. But all items on static display will stay intact. The subsystems on board the spacecraft will keep any upgrades installed via spacecraft upgrading.

The spacecraft remains in stasis where it was destroyed.


To respawn a spacecraft from stasis, an avatar holding an officer berth needs to go to an airport repair shop and use the Building (F10) window's Repair Shop tab.

The time it takes to recover a spacecraft from stasis is equal to manufacturing it new. This timer starts when the ship is first destroyed, not when you request recovery.

The recovered spacecraft will spawn moored in orbit over the repair shop, with all of its missions and navigation data wiped. The crew will announce the successful recovery on the Crew comms channel.

Minimum Damage

When a spacecraft is recalled from stasis it will have most of the damage it had at the time of destruction, but some of the critical systems are repaired to a minimum operating state: all control consoles are fully repaired, and the maneuver drive and power plant subsystems are repaired up to 5% damage. One life support unit is also repaired if none are functioning, so people can return to their berths. The capacitor is also fully recharged.

Imbox content.png Known issue!

There's currently a bug where repair times for a respawned spacecraft can be unusually long. In this case, ordering repairs for each spacecraft subsystem one at a time will prevent this issue.[1]