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Description: Vehicle stats need to be checked.
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Space Transport
  • 7
Weapon slots
  • 1 Gun slot
  • 2 Ordnance racks

The space transport is a light troop transport space vehicle. It is able to carry six passengers, in addition to the pilot.

Since a space transport is a vehicle and not a spacecraft, it cannot be targeted by spacecraft weapon bays and weapon bases, only turrets, gun towers and troops will be able to attack it. This makes it an ideal method of transportation when invading a city from space.

Usually considered an upgrade from the space rocket but with a worse view.


  • HP: 750 ?
  • Armor: ?
  • Max speed...
  • Fuel Capacity: 60
  • Fuel Type: Hydrogen
  • Seats 7


Weapon Types Weapon Slot Rounds
Heavy Arms Ammunition Gun 200
Energy Weapon Lens Gun 100*
Small Rocket Ordnance 60
Small Missile Ordnance 20
Large Rocket Ordnance 30
Large Missile Ordnance 10
Bomb Ordnance 50

*Automatically reload when empty, consuming one minute worth of fuel.

For more information see the Ammunition#Vehicles page.

Produced by

Building Produces Consumed Required Optional
Aircraft Factory 1 Space Transport