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Electricity is generated at power plants. There are 8 power plants to choose from depending on what resources are available.

Having electricity in a city will allow citizens to work at night. A ringworld automatically supplies all cities on it with enough electricity for basic living, but power plants are required to power military bases.

Electricity is required for some manufacturing processes, other processes generally get a processing time reduction. Construction time of buildings is also decreased.

Electricity is added to a city's power reserve, which is then used over time. Electricity can be traded with spacecraft, each power generator holds one unit. It cannot be held in the personal inventory, no matter how hard you try.

City trading only trades electricity using roads.

Electricity is always Q255.

Produced by

Building Produces Consumed Required Optional
Coal Power Plant 400 Electricity

Gasoline Power Plant 400 Electricity

Hydroelectric Power Plant 800 Electricity

Hydrogen Power Plant 600 Electricity

Propane Power Plant 600 Electricity

Nuclear Power Plant 1000 Electricity

Solar Power Plant 300* Electricity

* Special power production.

Wind Power Plant 300* Electricity

* Special power production.

Production uses

Building Produces Consumed Required Optional
Nuclear Fuel Plant 10 Nuclear Fuel Rod

Electronics Factory 10 Storage Crystal

Electronics Factory 10 Thumb Drive