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Nominal Cost
Pack Size
  • 4

Radioactives are used for nuclear power plant and some special munitions. Apart from that radioactives are considered a rather useless resource.

Patent Research Sample

Mining radioactives requires a patent to be researched first. But the patent itself requires radioactives to be researched. This is because the patent requires a sample.

First forage some radioactives by hand. Then the samples need to be sold to the researching building or a retail store connected to the researching building. This is done by going to the Building (F10) window's Store tab and clicking the "Offer to Sell" button. A private communication channel is then opened by the building where the samples can be offered for sale via the Comm's trade commands.

Once the researching building or another connected building has the radioactives in its storage, the patent research process will be able to fetch the samples it needs. But remember that low quality samples might fail the waste check.

Produced by

Building Produces Consumed Required Optional
Mine 20 Radioactives

Production uses

Building Produces Consumed Required Optional
Munitions Factory 10 Bomb BlRa Los Alamos

Nuclear Fuel Plant 10 Nuclear Fuel Rod

Munitions Factory 10 Heavy Arms Ammunition PiRa

Weapon Smith 10 Neutron Beam Lens