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Type Building
Description Digs Rocky Geological Resources
Placement Requirement Can't build on aliens' claims.
Can't build in aliens' jurisdiction.
Note Shops determine number of processes. Limited to one process digging stone when no shops.
Structural Requirements
Arena Ok
Auditorium Ok
Battery Ok
Commodity Storage 1m³ Space Required
Field Area Ok
Generator No
Guard Post No
Home, Large Ok
Home, Medium Ok
Home, Small Ok
Livestock Ok
Lounge Space Ok
Office Space Ok
Parking, Ground Vehicles Ok
Parking, Space Vehicles Ok
Parking, Water Vehicles Ok
Parking, Spacecraft No
Radar No
Shield Generator No
Shop Space Ok
Space Vehicle Launchers No
Space Vehicle Recovery Systems No
Store Space Ok
Surgery Units No
Transporters No
Turrets No
Weapon Bays No

Mines are buildings used to extract resources from deposits. They can only be built on top of mineable resources.

Manufacturing Limit

A mine cannot have more workshops assigned to a manufacturing line than there are rocks under the building's site of the corresponding type. For example a mine cannot have more workshops assigned to its ore mining manufacturing line than there are ore rocks. Stone can however be collected from any rock type other than eludium.

An indicator showing what rocks are available at a location is shown when placing a mine at a location.

Placing a mine here will allow for 2 ore and 6 stone processes.
Pausing the mine placement over minerals to show how many are available there.

Stone Quarry

A stone quarry is a basic mine that can only mine stone. A mine is considered a stone quarry if the building blueprint doesn't contain any workshops. This is shown on the Construction window, as it only having stone as an available manufacturing process.

The "Quarry by Haxus" mine blueprint is an example of this type of mine.

The difference between a stone quarry and a normal mine.


Building Produces Consumed Required Optional
Mine 20 Adamantite

Mine 20 Bolite

Mine 20 Coal

Mine 20 Crystals

Mine 20 Eludium

Mine 20 Gems

Mine 20 Gold Ore

Mine 20 Ice

Mine 20 Lumenite

Mine 20 Minerals

Mine 20 Ore

Mine 20 Radioactives

Mine 20 Stone

Mine 20 Vulcanite