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The logo of Hazeron Starship

Hazeron Starship is the singleplayer version of Shores of Hazeron, released on the Steam store on the 1st of December, 2023.

The game is developed and published by Hazeron Freehold LLC, with the sole developer being Haxus.

It is available for Linux & Windows.

Store page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2239520/Hazeron_Starship/

SteamDB entry: https://steamdb.info/app/2239520/info/

Note: It appears that the workshop page for Starship is currently not public. This means you will have to login with a Steam account that owns Starship in order to view it.

The Steam store page says the following about Starship:

Explore and colonize a vast universe. Twenty one galaxies filled with countless stars and planets and other things await your discovery.

Start as an indigenous person on an undeveloped world. Hunt for food. Survive wild animals. Build a home.

Discover natural resources. Build mines and wells to gather resources from the land.

Establish an empire to govern your work.

Found a city to manage its buildings. Build more buildings to manufacture things from natural resources and other things.

Advance your civilization. Make space rockets to explore space. Venture out into your home solar system.

Discover exotic natural resources in dangerous environments on other worlds. Build cities there to harvest resources and send them to factories on the home world.

Travel directly to any star in the sky using a space rocket, a daunting task.

Develop technology to make starships that can travel instantly through wormholes to other solar systems. Walk aboard them. Operate their controls. Command a crew of NPCs. Lift off. Fly up through the atmosphere to outer space. Land on other worlds, anywhere, not at designated places.

Discover natural resources on other worlds, on land, beneath seas, in rings like those of Saturn, in coronas of stars, and in seas of liquefied gases on giant worlds like Jupiter.

Design unique spacecraft and buildings with the built-in 3D modeler. Make them function, with operable doors, landing gear, lights, turbo lifts, transporters, engines, shields, weapons, and more. Share your designs with others in the Steam Workshop.

Not everyone is a 3D modeler; it is not easy. The Steam Workshop offers a growing assortment of fantastic spacecraft and buildings designed by people with a gift for 3D modeling. Their work is there for you to enjoy.


The game does not currently support multiplayer. Haxus previously mentioned that it would not be difficult to add "LAN play" to the game, and later elaborated that this meant dedicated hosting[1][2]. In addition, Haxus took a vote on both the original myBB forums and the Steam forums on whether players would prefer him to prioritize NPC empires or multiplayer first - which eventually swung in favor of NPC empires.[3][4][5]

It is assumed that multiplayer will be developed after NPC empires.


On 2021-02-03, Haxus started sending out beta keys for Steam access to Hazeron Starship. This was fully playable, and included some UI changes to accommodate the singleplayer aspect, such as a "Save Game" button and revamped logo.

This release included none of the updated story Haxus was working on, and only the basic village was present at the start.

Version-wise, this was still 6e15 in the client.

Around 2022, during the switch from Software Engineering to Hazeron Freehold LLC, a second Hazeron Starship was uploaded to Steam as a separate game. That new version would continue to receive updates and is the version that would eventually be released. The AppID of the old version was 1450480.

Around January 2022, Haxus announced plans to release Starship on Steam and resumed development on it.[6]

On the update on the 7th February 2023, Starship has been integrated with the Steam Workshop.[7][8] This allows players to upload, view, download, comment on and rate both spacecraft and building designs, mostly through the respective in-game blueprint exchange UIs. Ratings on workshop items are shown in-game on the exchange listing, as a 1-5 star value. Tags are automatically applied to the items depending on what the design contains - so a spacecraft with Gravity Drives and a Vulcium Hull would have those two things tagged separately. Access level (full/restricted) is also tagged.