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The MMO game, Shores of Hazeron, and its singleplayer version Hazeron Starship have collectively been in development since around 1999-2000. The game servers were however first opened to the public on 2009-03-03 as "Universe 1".

Some interesting, noteworthy, and/or impressive events have happened along the way. This category contains both noteworthy updates and noteworthy player created events.


The game universe has been restarted a few times over the years, each of these periods are commonly called universes, but have also been called galaxies in the past when the universe only contained one galaxy.

Universe names incorporate the name of the victorious empire at the end of each universe. These were Zlaad, PTMC, Syndicate and Weltreich. The names appeared on the Hazeron home page after the end of each universe. Universe 4 ended with the Moonlit Aristocracy as the winner however the Universe was not named after this alliance due to the cause of the reset. This also applies to the end of Universe 6, where a variant of Syndicate named "Syndicated Satrapies" was the winner.

During the Dark Period between universe 4 and universe 5, Gravity Well 6 was developed and released. The asteroid developed for Gravity Well 6 eventually found its way to the Hazeron game. The port was easy because Gravity Well 6 was based on the Hazeron code. The asteroid threat is now the default starting scenario in the game.

The second Dark Period began after the Shores of Hazeron MMO game servers were shut down. The exact cause for the shutdown has not been stated, but it is believed to have been a mix between financial sustainability and the amount of work involved in maintenance while also working on Hazeron Starship. Haxus also took a break during this period, resulting in Starship receiving minimal updates during this time.

Universe 7 started in March 2022, with the servers being brought back online utilizing a far more affordable host, thus bringing an end to the second dark period. Around a year later, on January 2023, the MMO servers were closed once again, thus starting the third Dark Period. Focus once again shifted entirely back to Hazeron Starship development.

In November 2023, Haxus would return and announce that Hazeron Starship would be released on Steam on 2023-12-01.

Full list of all game universes
Name Start Date End Date Size
Universe 1 - Rise of Zlaad 2009-03-03 2010-06-18 1 galaxy
Universe 2 - Reign of the Post Terran Mining Corporation 2010-06-18 2010-12-31 1 galaxy
Universe 3 - Syndicate Victory! 2010-12-31 2013-12-31 1 galaxy
Universe 4 - Abrupt End 2013-12-31 2014-08-15 Universe
Dark Period - Gravity Well 6 developed and released. 2014-08-15 2015-02-16
Universe 5 - Dominion of Weltreich 2015-02-16 2020-02-27 Universe
Universe 6 - 2nd end of the MMO 2020-02-27 2021-01-20 Universe
Dark Period - Hazeron Starship development 2021-01-20 2022-03-01
Universe 7 - 3rd end of the MMO 2022-03-01 2023-01-06 Universe
Dark Period - Hazeron Starship development 2023-01-06 2023-12-01
Hazeron Starship released on Steam 2023-12-01