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Singleplayer Update
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Instead of attempting to release the Shores of Hazeron MMO game on Steam, it was decided that a singleplayer version of the game would be developed and released on the store instead.

The singleplayer version of Hazeron was named Hazeron Starship. It is basically the same game, only singleplayer. Some extra functionality was added such as integration with the Steam Workshop along with removal of old MMO-imposed technical limits such as Dark Matter affecting ships.

On 2023-01-06 the Shores of Hazeron MMO game was shutdown for the third time and all focus moved to Hazeron Starship development.


On 2023-12-01, Hazeron Starship was released on the Steam store for $20 USD.

The singleplayer universe, by default, is consistent between players, but the chance of two players spawning in the same solar system is small. The default seed used for the universe generation is 42, but can be changed in the program tab of the settings.

Haxus has stated that dedicated player server hosting is possible and in the plans, but the current focus is on implementing deeper NPC empires. See Hazeron Starship for more details.