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Pan Galactic War

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Historical Event
Pan Galactic War
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The Pan Galactic War (abbreviated PGW) was a war fought primarily between Tymas Confederation, The Borg, and The Free Shipwrights of Hazeron against an alliance called The Foundation of which the major members were: the Rik'Tan Hegemony, and the Duchy of Helvetia, alongside the PTMC and Poofland working with this alliance.

The events leading up to and during this period of time caused the fall of the PTMC, the breaking apart of The Foundation, and are a possible cause of abandonment of the Rik'Tan Hegemony.

The main events

Lead Into War

Tymas Confederation agents created a false version of the Rik'Tan Hegemony, using an exploit that allowed someone to register an existing empire name by adding a space to the end of the name. Using this false empire Tymas attempted to start a war between the Rik'Tan and the PTMC, however their plan failed and the two empires saw through the hoax after a few hours of confusion.[1]

The PTMC, Rik'Tan Hegemony and the Duchy of Helvetia held a meeting about the situation aboard a Rik'Tan Pike Class Starship and came to a decision. It is concluded at that meeting that Tymas Confederation was behind the false flag attack and it is proposed that they also were behind pirate attacks on the PTMC in the previous months. An alliance is proposed and tabled for further consideration later.

On April 11th, 2011 of Universe 3, a spy inside Tymas Confederation posts the IRC logs of a conversation that the PTMC claimed implicated Tymas in the ruse, while Tymas themselves claimed the conversation proved that their actions were to assist the PTMC.[2]

Declaration of War

The official declaration of war was announced on Sunday, April the 17th of 2011 by the Duchy of Helvetia, who said that a state of war now existed between the two alliances, the members of The Foundation allied with the PTMC and Poofland against the Tymas Confederation, The Borg, and the Free shipwrights of Hazeron. The message was:

War Declaration
Dear inhabitants of the Universe:

Due to the long history of Tymas affronts to Foundation's members, beginning with their support and condonation of The Borg's attack on the Rik'Tan Hegemony,
and ending with their lasts attempts at piracy and espionage, as well as similar actions acted upon numerous other empires in the Galaxy.

The Foundation thereby declares that a state of war exists between all its members and Tymas,The Borg and Free Shipwrights of Hazeron. Any other empires
that try to defend their reign of subterfuge will be considered enemies of The Foundation as well.

Many other victims of the Tymas' machinations, like PTMC, have already joined us in the effort of cleansing the galaxy of such an entity. I call upon the rest
of you to take arms alongside us, so we together can bring the boiling hot energy of justice to victory, for a freer and more friendly Galaxy.


Duke Krauss of Helvetia, as Speaker for the Foundation.

The Infestation

On the update on the 28th of April, 2011, "City Situations" were added[3]. This included diseases, infestations and cases of food poisoning. Initially, the outbreaks of diseases/vermin were extremely devastating to any empire. There were reports around the time of cities requiring multiple ten thousands of pharmaceuticals, many antitoxins and many antidotes of high TLs to cure the infestations. Many cities fell, and the universe was affected by temporal anomalies right after this change was added, preventing multiple empires participating within the war from continuing. A ceasefire was forced, and after 13 days of very hard fighting, the war had come to a stop due to a bio-chemical emergency.


In the aftermath of the war, political power and balance had shifted dramatically due to the collapse of The Foundation and the PTMC, leaving Tymas as the only galactic superpower left standing.

The PGW was probably instrumental in the rise of The Toucan Empire, allowing them to grow into the power vacuum left by the collapse of the PTMC and Foundation, in addition to the lack of Tymas oppression.

The bio-chemical emergency had continued to spread throughout the universe, claiming multiple empires such as most of the Republic of Crescellia. This left the participating empires in even greater ruin than previously.