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A building blueprint is a valid finalized building design made using the designer, that has been published to the building blueprint exchange, or burned to media, and is ready to be constructed.

If the blueprint is published to the exchange, it can then be further published onto the Steam Workshop. This allows other players to easily download and use it.

The blueprint does not have to be burned onto media to be used. Simply publishing to the exchanges is enough to make the design select-able in the Construction (F11) window.

In addition, a screenshot of the building is shown. This is selected when finalizing in the designer, and is used for both the in-game blueprint exchanges, and the Steam Workshop images.


A building blueprint displays stats about the building. This includes things like the commodity storage capacity, the amount of workshops, homes, and volume allocations.

For a building to be useful, volume needs to be allocated to spaces that are needed by the intended industry. In most cases, this is "Shop" space, which is listed as workshops when building. However, some types of buildings require different types of spaces, see the Building Design page for more information.