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The construction menu, with Mine selected.

The Construction (F11) window is used to place building construction sites on a world. Once placed the construction site can be worked on and turned into a fully functional building.

Building Types

The type of a building is the most important option when placing a new building for construction. The type of the building determines what the building can do, for example a logging camp building will gather logs and nothing else.

For a full list of building types, see the Category:Buildings page.

Building Blueprint

When placing a building for construction you will have to choose a building blueprint. The chosen building blueprint will determine the appearance and stats of the building.

The appearance or name of a blueprint has no effect on the building's type. You can build a hospital building with a building blueprint that looks like a graveyard if so desired. However the building blueprint chosen will determine how good the building is at doing its type's function.

For more information, see the Building Blueprint page.

Building Construction Material

When placing a building for construction you have the option of selecting what the main construction material should be. The choice of construction material will affect the health of the building, which in most cases is not a priority.

Some building blueprints might change appearance depending on the chosen construction material.

This choice can be important when only specific materials are available. For example when just starting out and the environment is only forest, having no option for gathering stone.

Construction Process

After placing the building construction site it has to fetch the required materials from other buildings or be given construction materials manually.

After materials are acquired by the construction site it will have to get labor applied to it, this can be done by citizens or manually.

Manual Materials Fetch

While on the construction site, open your Gear (F4) window and then drop the materials on the ground.

Manual Construction Labor

While on the construction site, open the Building (F10) window again and press the "Work Construction Site" button. Stay at the construction site and keep the Building window open until the building is fully constructed.