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Space Rocket
  • 2
Weapon slots
  • None

The space rocket is one of the first space-capable vehicles that can be constructed. It only requires resources found on every habitable world (meaning no eludium). The space rocket has one passenger seat, so it can hold either a passenger or a cargo container (like a crate).

Space rockets use rocket drive propulsion and therefore does not defy gravity like gravity drive vehicles and spacecraft.

Note: A space rocket is not fast enough to escape the gravity of some supergiant stars. In this case it is suggested to not leave the local gravity well.

It is aerodynamic and will go much faster in an atmosphere than a fighter or spacecraft without disintegrating due to atmospheric stress.

It is recommended to go through the Rocket Training story mission, before trying to to take off. Alternatively, have a look at the relevant section of the Controls page.

When you want to go to the moon fast and in style!

Second Seat

The second seat in the space rocket enables you to bring a citizen colonist along with you. On the Comm window, press the *Load Crew, Passengers or Troops* button. Offer the seat to a passenger and a citizen will get into the rocket with you.

The second seat can be used to carry cargo, instead of a passenger. To use the second seat for cargo, get into the space rocket and drop an item (for example a container item, such as a crate) from your inventory. It will be placed in the second seat position. Click on the item to pick it back up. The item can only be picked up if you are inside the space rocket. This works for other multi-seat vehicles too.


  • HP: ?
  • Armor: ?
  • Max speeds:
  • Fuel Capacity: 30
  • Fuel Type: Hydrogen
  • Seats: 2

Produced by

Building Produces Consumed Required Optional
Aircraft Factory 1 Space Rocket