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Military Gun Tower

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Military Gun Tower
Type Building
Description Attacks Enemy Units
Placement Requirement Can only build on empire base.
Structural Requirements
Arena Ok
Auditorium Ok
Battery Ok
Commodity Storage Ok
Field Area Ok
Generator No
Guard Post Ok
Home, Large Ok
Home, Medium Ok
Home, Small Ok
Livestock Ok
Lounge Space Ok
Office Space Ok
Parking, Ground Vehicles Ok
Parking, Space Vehicles Ok
Parking, Water Vehicles Ok
Parking, Spacecraft No
Radar No
Shield Generator No
Shop Space Ok
Space Vehicle Launchers No
Space Vehicle Recovery Systems No
Store Space No
Surgery Units No
Transporters No
Turrets 1 Turret Required
Weapon Bays No

Military gun tower is a heavy weapon emplacement, similar to a turret on a spacecraft.

Soldiers are employed from military barracks to operate the gun.


Military guard tower uses a turret of the same type as that of a spacecraft, utilizing the appropriate ammo type for the turret type chosen at one unit per shot.


The military guard tower will fetch ammunition from connected buildings.