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An empire can be anything from a gang to a corporation to a full fledged empire. But at its base it is the start of a leadership hierarchy, and the start of a government.

An empire is required to form cities, collect taxes, claim worlds, establish military, and fleet spacecraft.

For more information, see the Starting or Joining an Empire page.

Free Avatars

An avatar that is not a member of any empire, is considered a free avatar. There are negative consequences to being a free avatar.

  • Citizens who are in an empire consider free avatars to be a threat, unless they are berthed aboard the same spacecraft as them. Villagers are not in an empire and will not automatically see free avatars as a threat.
  • Banks will not do business with free avatars.
  • Free avatars can have no command authority.
  • Governance window is not available.
  • Some spacecraft windows are not available.
  • City capitol, bank, police, and all military buildings are not available.
  • The only berth a spacecraft can grant to free avatars automatically is a passenger berth.
  • Free avatars cannot claim worlds.
  • Free avatars cannot capture flags.
  • Free avatars cannot capture spacecraft.
  • Free avatars have no reputation and thus no credit, since reputation is considered to be in the context of its empire.
  • Free avatars cannot buy company spacecraft nor can they claim the title of a company spacecraft.
  • Free avatars do not lose ownership of company spacecraft if when leaving a former empire, but they may not be able to command them until they are in an empire again.

Create Empire

An avatar can create a new empire by handcrafting a flag. A dialog will appear prompting for an empire name and an empire flag.

Leave Empire

It is possible to, at any time, leave the empire you are currently in.

To leave your empire use the "Renounce Citizenship" button on the Governance (F12) window's Citizens tab. This will make the avatar free again and not belong to any empire.

It is possible to use the Recall Home ability to quickly travel to a new unclaimed habitable world, as long as the avatar does not have a spacecraft berth.

Spacecraft Transfer

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The reason given is: This needs testing. But would like to give another option than declaring war. The "Spacecraft Requisition" Commerce rule would be good to name here.

If you create a new empire while having a berth in a fleet spacecraft, the spacecraft remains under control of the original empire although you will still have the berth. Many people wish to keep their spacecraft in which case they would need to declare the old empire as enemy and sit at the helm for 30 secs. Company spacecraft cannot be captured, they can only be ransacked.