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Spawning is the unique ability that allow avatars to reappear in the universe after death of its injuries or using the Recall Home ability.

Spawning causes the avatar to appear in the universe somewhere. There are several possible locations at which it can spawn. Selecting a spawn location is called spawn tieing.

Exception: Demiavatars (or half-avatars) can not respawn after death, but they are still able to use the Recall Home ability.

Spawn Location

The avatar spawns in the universe at one of five possible locations, in the following order of precedence.

  1. Spacecraft Berth
  2. Home Building
  3. Empire Capital City
  4. Random Empire City
  5. Empty World

Spacecraft Berth

Your berth is your primary spawn location. You spawn tie to a spacecraft by joining the roster, either as a crew member or a passenger. You will not spawn aboard a ship if the empire that owns the ship is no longer friendly or neutral toward your empire, or if the ship is destroyed, or if the ship's life support system is not functioning. Your character spawns in a bunk, unless the ship has no bunks at all, in which case your character spawns at a randomly selected location inside the ship.

Your character spawns lying in the bunk. Mouse movement rotates your body between four facing positions while lying in the bunk. The bunk provides life support and enables access to your personal sea chest. Items inside your sea chest may be needed to survive the environment outside your bunk. Press E to exit your bunk when you are ready.

Home Building

Your home building is your secondary spawn location. You declare a building to be your home by standing at its site and clicking the Declare Home button on the Building (F10) window's Building tab. The first building you place is automatically set to be your home building. You can only spawn at a city if it is controlled by an empire that is friendly toward your empire. If the building no longer exists, your avatar spawns in one of the buildings of the in the solar system, selected at random each time, or a capitol building.

Empire Capital City

The capital city of your empire is the next spawn location, when a berth and a home building are not available. Your emperor selects the capital city of your empire. Your character spawns at the capitol of the city.

Random Empire City

When no berth, home building, or capital city are available, a city of your empire is chosen at random in which to spawn.

Empty World

The last fallback spawn location is an empty habitable world somewhere in the galaxy. If you are already on an empty habitable world, you will respawn in your village.

Recall Home

Recall Home is an ability all avatars are born with. It allows the avatar to be force it to spawn as if it died.

In short, Recall Home is the same as dying, but without losing random equipment.


The avatar enters a trance, awaiting the recall to its spawn location. During this trance, it is vulnerable to the environment and its occupants. It can be seen, injured and killed by any hostiles while awaiting spawn-recall.

The length of the trance is random, but depends on the avatar's lineage:

  • Demiavatar, 30 to 45 seconds
  • Avatar, 15 to 45 seconds
  • Highborn, 5 to 15 seconds

It is also possible to cancel the spawn-recall while in the trance.

Discontinuity Transit

Equipment and money are lost if you recall to a destination beyond a universe discontinuity line.

Sea chest contents are not lost; each continuity has its own sea chest that is totally separate from the next.

How To Use

To use the Recall Home ability, simply click "Recall Home" button on the button bar or pressing Alt + Backspace.

The screen will begin to pulse with grey runes while in the trance before spawn-recalling the avatar.

Cancel recall by pressing the Recall Home button again while in the trance.

Common Uses

Recall Home is most commonly used to get home when stranded on an alien world or lost in space, and getting unstuck from door-less buildings and spacecraft.

Other uses include Berth-a-Port.

Spawn Tieing

There are two forms of spawn tieing, spacecraft berth and home city.

Gaining a spacecraft berth is done by requesting a berth on the comm. The captain or an officer aboard a spacecraft can then accept the request. Requesting a berth while inside a spacecraft will automatically be accepted if commerce rules allow it.

To declare a city the home city of an avatar, stand at the building's site and click the Declare Home button on the Building (F10) window's Building tab.