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Type Building
Description Founds and Manages a City
Placement Requirement Can't build on aliens' claims.
Can't built in existing jurisdiction.
Note Police stations are needed create city limits and add buildings to the city.
Structural Requirements
Arena Ok
Auditorium 1 Auditorium Required
Battery Ok
Commodity Storage Ok
Field Area Ok
Generator No
Guard Post No
Home, Large Ok
Home, Medium Ok
Home, Small Ok
Livestock Ok
Lounge Space Ok
Office Space 1 Office Required
Parking, Ground Vehicles Ok
Parking, Space Vehicles Ok
Parking, Water Vehicles Ok
Parking, Spacecraft No
Radar Ok
Shield Generator No
Shop Space Ok
Space Vehicle Launchers No
Space Vehicle Recovery Systems No
Store Space No
Surgery Units No
Transporters Ok
Turrets No
Weapon Bays No

A capitol building acts as the town hall for a city. It is the seat of government for the city.


A capitol is used to start a city. When placing the capitol, a popup window will appear asking you to name the city. If the sector and/or solar system isn't named yet, you will be able to choose a name for them too.
Note: All these names can be changed later if so desired.


A capitol has a small radius around it that establishes its jurisdiction. only buildings inside the jurisdiction will be part of the city.

The size of the city's jurisdiction can be extended with police stations.

For more information, see the City page.

City Status Report

The capitol is able to present a full city status report with information about population, industry, events, and more.

To request a status report from the capitol:

  1. Stand at the capitol building plot
  2. Open the Building (F10) window
  3. Click the "Recent Report" button.

For more information, see the City Report page.

Declaring Capital

A city can be declared as the capital city of an empire.

To declare a city as a capital city:

  1. Stand at the capitol building plot
  2. Open the Building (F10) window
  3. Click either:
    • "Declare Empire Capital"
    • "Declare Galaxy Capital"
    • "Declare Sector Capital"

A city can be multiple types of capitals at the same time.

See the Capital City page for more information.

City Management

When in the chain of command of a city, it is possible to control all building manufacturing processes from the capitol building. This is done using the Building (F10) window while standing at the capitol building's site.

Managing a machine shop remotely.

This window displays all of the buildings, with their location, and distance from you. By selecting a building, a traditional Building window appears in the lower half allowing you to remotely manage the manufacturing of that building, including construction.

The refresh button in the top-right corner of the window updates the list. The bulldozer button bulldozes the selected building.

While in the top-down view, the selected building will be highlighted.


In the past, capitols were not used to found cities, but instead the game used town squares. These were placed flags that would act as the center "building" which the city would branch off.