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An important note!

Note: City reports of cities will only contain buildings inside the city's jurisdiction.

The city report contains all the information about the city, its population, population morale, and building inventories.

Viewing a city's reports can be done by anyone in the city's chain-of-command. This can be done by click the Recent Report, right-clicking the city on the Governance window's Cities tab, or right-clicking a solar system with a city on the star map.

Example of a city report.

A new window will appear, showing the most recent city status report. The button at the top-right will request a new report from the same city again. Using the slider at the top of the window, it is possible to see previous city reports.

Requesting a recent city report by mail simply sends the newest city report using the mail system. This is of little use for anything other than 3rd-party tools.


If a city is in distress (enemy in sensor range, under attack, disease, infestation, decay) the city will send a mail to everyone in the city's chain-of-command. The distress mail contains nothing but the basic location info, the short distress message and the event log.

To get more information about the city's status during the distress, bring up the history report and use the slider to locate the reports containing the distress.

History Reports

All cities periodical save a status reports every 13 minutes, otherwise known as a city cycle. The reports are deleted when they become more than 48 hours old. This can be used to look back in the history of the city to know about events.

Do note that the inventory section of the report is removed from reports that are older than 2 hours.

How to

View city reports:

  • Places list
    1. Open the Governance window (F12)
    2. Go to the Cities tab
    3. Select the desired city
    4. Right-click it and choose "Recent Report..." or "History Report..."
  • Starmap
    1. Open the Locator window (F7)
    2. Go to the Starmap tab
    3. Right-click the star in the graphical map, or right-click the city in the treeview
    4. Choose "Recent Report..." or "History Report..." in the context menu
  • Capitol building
    1. Go to the city's capitol building
    2. Open the Building window (F10)
    3. Click the "Recent Report" button in the upper-right corner

Get city reports by mail:

  1. Open the Governance window (F12)
  2. Go to the Cities tab
  3. Select the desired city
    • Select multiple using CTRL or SHIFT
  4. Right-click it and choose "Recent Report by Mail..."
  5. Open the Mail window (F2)
  6. Click the "Request New Messages" button

Indy Tools and Mods


  • City reports used to be distributed via the mail system every 13 minutes. But this was changed in the 2014-07-02 update, because of the huge strain it had on the mail system.
    • It has become a common way to identify returning players, by them asking why they aren't receiving any "City Status Reports" via the mail.

Quotes from patch notes

Related patch notes
Update 2014-07-02: City Cycle Reports
Overhauled the way cities generate their city reports.
  • Routine city reports are no longer sent to you via mail.
  • City reports are accessed using the star map. Right-click on a city to request a report.
  • Two kinds of reports can be requested.
    • Recent report sends you the most recent two city reports from a city, so they can be compared for changes. This is typically a small amount of data.
    • History report sends you all reports generated in the past 24 hours. That is 112 reports and it's a fair bit more data.
  • Reports appear on a modeless dialog so you can view several at once.
  • When requesting a report for a city in your current solar system, the response time is very fast.
  • When requesting a report for a city in a different solar system, the report can take some time to appear, usually several seconds, potentially longer; be patient.
  • Tech level upgrades show green as before but the highlight is based on comparing the previous report to the current report. Therefore, the first report in the series cannot show this highlighting. This fixes a bug where the highlighting was sometimes incorrect in the old reports.
  • Distress and decay reports still send you a mail message that contains only the distress or decay subportions of the city report. That way the mail program can continue to inform you of problems at cities.
  • City reports are available to anyone who is in the same empire as the city. I did not see this as a security issue. Please don't decide you want these restricted to chain-of-command.

Update 2014-07-03: Governance Places

Improved the Places page of the Governance (F12) window.
  • Enabled multiple selection of cities in the list.
  • Added right-click menu options for selected cities.
  • Recent Report - Just like on the star map.
  • History Report - Just like on the star map.
  • Recent Report by Mail - Requests the last city report be sent to you via mail.
  • Surrender - Surrenders city to another empire.
  • Removed surrender buttons, now on right-click menu.
  • Added Galaxy column to the cities table.

Update 2014-07-07: City Report Authority

Citizens should not be able to request city reports unless they are in the chain-of-command of the city.
Done. When selecting more than one city, you must be in the chain-of-command of all selected cities.

Update 2014-07-07: City Report Data Load

City reports are taking too much space to store.
  • City reports now discard item inventory after 2 hours.
  • City reports now discarded after 48 hours instead of 24 hours due to huge reduction in size by dropping inventory.
  • This is stated on the tool tip for the timeline slider on the dialog that shows city reports.