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Nominal Cost
Pack Size
  • 1

Symbolic and tangible. Handcrafting the flag is the first step of creating an empire.

A flag can be handcrafted using 1 textile and a sewing needle, which is easily made from resources available in and habitable environments.

World Claim

Flags are used to claim a world. This is done by moving the flag to an inventory ready slot and using the flag's use action on the ground. This will erect a claim flag at the targeted point.

For more information, see the Claim page.

Empire Founding

When an avatar that is not part of an empire attempts to handcraft a flag, they will be prompted with the empire creation dialog. Once they are in an empire they can handcraft flags like normal.

If a flag is acquired in any other way, using it in an attempt to claim a world will also show the empire creation dialog.

Produced By

Building Produces Consumed Required Optional
Clothing Factory 20 Flag