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A common village.

A village is a type of primitive settlement that consists of tepees around a fire and a number of indigenous people.

They can spawn randomly on any habitable world with an indigenous population.

There can also be a starter village, which is not random.

Village Spawning

Starter Village

When a new avatar spawns using the Reach for the Stars spawn type, they will start in a village.

The village works as a kind of safe haven until the avatar is ready to go off on their own.

The avatar will be spawn tied to the village, causing the avatar to respawn in the village after death. This will last until the avatar has founded their first city.

Note: If you picked The Savage State spawn type, you can still encounter a random village when starting if the world contains an indigenous population.

Random Spawns

If the world contains an indigenous population, villages can randomly spawn near an avatar as a random encounter.

There can only be one village on a world at a time, but the village may "move" to where the avatar is if it is too far away.


The villagers are part of the indigenous population that live in the villages.

Talking with villagers can give small facts about their world, such as interesting landmarks or present cities.


A village also have an healer standing near the campfire. When talking with a healer, the healer will inspect your health and bandage any wounds you may have. The healer can also cure poison.


The village elder normally reside in one of the village tepees.


Only applies to Reach for the Stars
The stargazer can be found at the outskirts of the village, staring up at the stars.

Talking with the stargazer can confirm the presence of an asteroid.


Bartering for some leather armor.

The villagers may have primitive equipment and tools for sale, but they will not take money, they will only trade for other commodities of equal or greater value.

For more information, see the Trade page.


Villages start out by being neutral to everyone. Avatars develop a reputation with a village that affects how villagers react to them, including attacking them on sight if they have been deemed as enemy.

They will also remember those who have done them harm, so it is best not to attack them without superior weaponry and alternatives for survival.

Their hatred toward enemies wears off over time. Actions by the avatar, such as killing wild animals and healing villagers, improves reputation with them.