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City Morale determines how citizens migrate to or from a city. Positive morale attracts new citizens and causes higher birthrates, while negative morale drives them away.

Morale modifiers have instant effects, with the sum of their effects being visible on city reports. This makes it possible to see immigration and emigration in the same report.

Positive Morale Modifiers

Total Morale caps at +8.

Name Bonus Cause
Food Variety Up to +2 Many Food varieties fulfill citizen's ecological role diet. Smaller diets need less food types.
Founder Up to +2 City-founding avatar is part of city's current empire or another friendly empire. Negative if enemy empire. (2019-12-09 Founder Update.)
Lounge / Liquor Up to +2 +1 For having no lounge morale penalty and having at least 1 extra lounge job.
+1 For available liquor.
Church Up to +2 Up to +2 for each extra church professional jobs more than needed to prevent morale penalty.

Negative Morale Modifiers

Modifier Penalty Cause
Alien Invader -1 City citizen's phylum or ecological role differs from the indigenous population and the "invading" species has a higher population than the indigenous one.
Decay -1 Per Building Decayed City is decaying because the population is gone.
Destroyed Buildings -1 A city building has been destroyed by weapons in the last 24 hours.
Harsh Environment -1 City environment is not on breathable inner/habitable/outer world land. Permanent.
Harsh Environment Without Power -2 City suffers from a harsh environment and has no electricity. Overrides Harsh Environment penalty.
Gasping Up to -2 City Air Consumption demand is not met in Harsh Environment.
Citizens spend [1 × Population] air units per report.
Only -1 penalty if 50% to 99% of air demand is fulfilled.
Suffocation -5 City in harsh environment has no air. 10% of population dies. Overrides Gasping.
Hunger -2 City Food Consumption demand is not met.
Citizens eat [ Rounded( 20% × HitPoints ) × Population / FoodNutrition] food per report.
Starvation -5 City has no food. 10% of population dies. Overrides Hunger.
Overpopulation -1 per +5% World population exceeds cap. Starts with -1 at 50% of the population cap, and -1 for every +5% up to -10 at 100%.
Population cap is [1/144.25 × VolumeLimit], or [1/72.13 × VolumeLimit] for Ringworlds.
Overworked -1 City has more jobs than homes and all homes are full.
Homelessness Up to -10 Population is higher than Homes. -1 for every 4 population.
Cramped Living Conditions -3 City has too many small home spaces. Penalty starts when [Small homes > Medium homes + (Large homes × 2)]
Unemployment Up to -5 Population is higher than Jobs. -1 for 5% jobless citizens, -2 for 40%, and -1 more for every +20%.
Too much Building Volume -1 per 1000m³ World volume limit is being exceeded. Extremely sharp penalty.
Founder Up to -2 City founder is part of an enemy empire. -1 if neutral empire. Positive if friendly. Can only be removed by replacing the capitol building.
Arena wanted -1 per 175 Pop City has less than 1 arena professional job per 175 population.
Cantina wanted -1 per 50 Pop City has less than 1 cantina professional job per 50 population.
Casino wanted -1 per 200 Pop City has less than 1 casino professional job per 200 population.
Church wanted -1 per 45 Pop City has less than 1 church professional job per 45 population.
Grocery wanted -1 per 100 Pop City has less than 1 grocery professional job per 100 population.
Hospital wanted -1 per 80 Pop City has less than 1 hospital professional job per 80 population.
Park wanted -1 per 90 Pop City has less than 1 park professional job per 90 population.
Retail Store wanted -1 per 55 Pop City has less than 1 retail store professional job per 55 population.
University wanted -1 per 70 Pop City has less than 1 university professional job per 70 population.
Zoo wanted -1 per 150 Pop City has less than 1 zoo professional job per 150 population.

Morale Building Spaces

Morale Buildings use special spaces in the building design to satisfy citizens. In the Construction menu they are quantified as "Professional Jobs".

See: Building Update

Building Needed Space
Cantina (or any building with lounge volume) Lounge
Church Auditorium
Grocery Store
Retail Store (or any building with store volume) Store
Arena Arena
Casino Lounge
Hospital Office
Park Field
University Auditorium + Workshop
Zoo Field