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Type Biodome
Description Encapsulates Environment for Construction
Placement Requirement Can't build on aliens' claims.
Can't build in aliens' jurisdiction.
Structural Requirements
Arena No
Auditorium No
Battery No
Commodity Storage No
Field Area No
Generator No
Guard Post No
Home, Large No
Home, Medium No
Home, Small No
Livestock No
Lounge Space No
Office Space No
Parking, Ground Vehicles No
Parking, Space Vehicles No
Parking, Water Vehicles No
Parking, Spacecraft No
Radar No
Shield Generator No
Shop Space No
Space Vehicle Launchers No
Space Vehicle Recovery Systems No
Store Space No
Surgery Units No
Transporters No
Turrets No
Weapon Bays No

Biodomes are massive structures that, when constructed, can make living in harsh environment cities much easier.

Plant life may grow inside a biodome.


Biodomes are constructed just like any other building. Other buildings can also be built inside the biodome.

Airport terminals cannot be constructed inside a biodome.

Biodome limits are much larger than regular buildings. A biodome hull can be 1000m across and up to 1200m tall.

If the current world has a biodome anywhere, the Construction (F11) window will also start showing blueprints that could be put inside, based on environment. For example, on a moon, you'd only see HEV-resistant designs listed, but if a breathable biodome exists, you'll also see the regular habitable buildings available for placement.

Note: The horizontal box extents of buildings must fit within the biodome's environment voids to be built inside.

Harsh Environment Enclosure

The inside of a biodome is breathable. Air is not required for this, but it also does not alleviate the need for air used by the city population.

The breathable parts of a biodome are defined by environment voids. These are like hull voids that maintain a habitable environment inside. All biodomes must have at least one environment void.

Do note that life support in biodome designs is optional. Without it, the interior environment isn't habitable.

The biodome life support never fails, regardless of damage or electricity.

The air inside cannot be harvested with a refinery, but farms and logging camps can use the interior vegetation and trees for their processes.


If a biodome is destroyed, all the buildings inside them are destroyed with it.

Quotes from patch notes

Related patch notes
2019-05-03 Biodomes: Biodomes
Biodomes are not implemented using the new building system.
Biodomes are ready for use.
  • 3 variations of a 300m diameter biodome will be available in the exchange, as soon as I post them. They can be built in all environments. One leaves the interior terrain and plants alone; another levels the interior terrain but leaves plants alone; the third levels the terrain, fills with mowed grass, and removes shrubs, leaving a parklike setting of grass and trees.
  • .SoH files of the 3 sample biodomes are distributed in the Programs/Blueprints folder. It contains a growing list of spacecraft and building blueprints.
  • A new Environment Void part type was added for biodomes. It is a hull void that maintains a habitable environment inside. All biodomes must have at least one environment void.
  • Biodome design limits are much larger than regular buildings. A biodome hull can be 1000m across and up to 1200m tall.
  • As with any other building, a biodome may not stick up out of the atmosphere and an under sea biodome may not stick up through the sea surface.
  • Designer helper that shows building design limits is now influenced by the building structure in the design properties.
  • Behavior at the bottom of the environment void is weird if the terrain continues to fall away beneath it. For that reason, the voids in the sample biodomes go far into the ground. (This is unnecessary in the two biodomes that level the interior terrain.) Picture number 5 shows what happens when the environment void does not reach the bottom of a crater. I do not intend to improve this. You are instead encouraged to avoid the situation or give it some sci-fi rationale and live with it.
  • Biodomes built on land may contain seas of water, lava or supercooled liquid. Land placement only requires the insertion point to be on land, the rest of the biodome can encompass water or land in any proportion. Treatment plants can be placed inside biodomes.
  • Biodomes built under the sea will exclude all liquid from their environment voids. Below the bottom of the environment voids, the liquid will exist though it will not be visible and it will have no visible surface. Under sea placement requires that the entire biodome fit below the sea surface.
  • Life support is optional in a biodome design. Without life support, the environment void does not create a habitable environment. Biodome life support never fails, regardless of damage or power to the structure.
  • Biodomes with life support create vegetation and trees on terrain in their environment voids. This can be used by farms and logging camps. Atmosphere cannot be harvested inside a biodome, however.
  • Buildings of any construction can be built inside a biodome in harsh environments. So, a regular house can be built inside a biodome on the moon or under the sea.
  • Airports and Base Air Terminals cannot be built inside biodomes.
  • The box extents of a building design must fit inside the environment void of a biodome to permit construction inside.
  • Construction window typically lists only blueprints that can be built in the current environment. If the current world has a biodome anywhere, blueprints will also be listed that could be put inside, based on environment, not physical dimensions.
  • When a biodome is destroyed, buildings that were inside are destroyed if their construction is not sufficient for their domeless environment.
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