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Two biggest buttons in the game.

The first thing you have to decide on when starting Shores of Hazeron, is if you wanna start a new empire or join an existing one.

It is important to note that neither choose is permanent and you can change your mind as many times as you want. It is even possible to join other empires or starting your own empire with an existing avatar, so there is no need to make a new avatar every time.

Here we will cover some of the basics of how to decide and a few common practices.

Starting an Empire

Starting a new empire is normally the recommended route to take when first starting the game. This is because it is easier to learn the basics of the game when you don't have all the luxuries of a fully established empire.

This is also a good option if you are gonna start the game with friends. Deciding who in the group is going to create the empire and maybe talk about what the name and empire flag should be.

Creating the Empire

Most important is your starting galaxy and sector.

Creating the empire is as simple as these five options. Of course you might what to know what each one is about before you decide.

Galaxy and Sector

These are most likely the most important options and the ones that require the most consideration. Choose between the PvP and non-PvP galaxy, followed by 9 chooses for where to spawn in the chosen galaxy.

While it is possible to move to somewhere else and even transit to another galaxy later, moving to a far away location commonly means leaving all progress and territory behind.

To help you decide, lets lay it out a bit better:

  • Shores of Hazeron
    The main galaxy.
  • Veil of Targoss
    The non-PvP galaxy. It is impossible to inflict harm on others in this galaxy. Because of this it has a much lower player population.

The sector option is your way to control how close you wanna start to other empires. While it is a multiplayer game, some people wanna be as far from other empires as possible.

  • Cluster
    There are 4 clusters in each of the two starting galaxies. They are located 165 sectors from the core of the galaxy towards the direction.
  • Frontier
    The frontier is the edge of a cluster. The frontier is ever moving further and further away from the center of the cluster as the cluster grows.
  • Remote
    Choosing to spawn in a remote location is favored by people that wanna hide. But since the spawn location is almost completely random, the chance of actually meeting other empires is VERY VERY low.

As it is currently, the most populated area in the Shores of Hazeron galaxy is the Eastern Cluster. So it is a safe bet if you want to have encounters with other players.
The Eastern Frontier is good if you want to be near the populated area but still have a while before you are visited.


Selecting an overlord is an optional choice. If an overlord empire is selected, your new empire starts with first contact established between your empire and the overlord empire, your empire will have a vassal political stance towards the overlord empire.

No information is revealed to the overlord empire apart from the first contact and political stance update, so the overlord empire will not know where your empire is located, your empire will also not be informed anything about the overlord empire.

The possible overlord choices are the top 10 empires that don't have first contact policy set to auto-hostile.

Empire Flag and Name

The empire flag and empire name is the "face" of your empire, select a flag that will make you proud when others see it and come up with a name that strike fear in your enemies when they hear it. Or don't, it is all up to you. Just remember that this is a massive multiplayer online game, other people will see your empire's flag and name.

It is possible to get the flag and name changed later, by asking an admin or creating a new empire and transferring all assets to it.

Joining an Empire

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The reason given is: Empire immigration policy has been changed to completely invite only, no passwords or open empires anymore.

Finding an empire is easy. Finding a good and active empire is not.

There are many empires, and some have an open immigration policy which allow you to join them. This is however not recommended to do as a new player, this is because many of the empires with open immigration policy may be inactive or abandoned. Unless the empire you end up joining actually have an active emperor, it can be a rather disappointing and confusing experience. It is possible to play normally while in an inactive empire, but it defeats the point.

A better way to find an existing empire to join, is to either ask on the recruiting forum or create an avatar in a random open empire and ask other players on the galactic communication channel.