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When a solar system is surveyed it will be saved to the empire's star map.

Once a solar system has been surveyed, it is forever marked as Surveyed on the star map for that empire. It is then possible for members of the empire to read the survey reports whenever desired.


Surveying a solar system can be done in three ways:

  • Building a city with an observatory and airport radar in the system
  • Giving the crew of a spacecraft with working sensors the "Solar System Survey Scan" order
    The time it takes for crew to finish a system survey depends on a few factors:
    • Number of celestial bodies in the system
    • Sensor range category
    • Rank of the crewman operating the sensor station
  • Using the sensor station to manually survey the system (can be used to survey a system instantly)

Survey Report

When selecting a surveyed solar system on the star map and choosing the "Survey Report" option, a window will open. The window displays a picture of the system and all the celestial orbits much like the one seen on a navigation station.

Example of a system survey report.

Select a celestial body to see its information. Selecting the system will give a list of wormholes and their destinations.

How to

Pre-Sensor Survey:

  1. Go to or build a city in the desired system
  2. Build an observatory
  3. Build an airport radar
  4. Make sure that the city has electricity
  5. Wait about half an hour

Survey a System:

  1. Using a spacecraft with sensors
  2. Travel to the desired solar system
    • By crew order
      1. Give the crew the "Solar System Survey Scan" order
      2. Wait for the crew to finish the survey
    • Manually
      1. Man the sensor station
      2. Locate a celestial body on the sensor console and select it
      3. Bring up the scan detailed information for the celestial body
      4. Get confirmation of completed surveying on the thoughts channel

View a System Survey:

  1. Open the Locator window (F7)
    • Current solar system
      1. Go to the System Map tab
    • Remote solar system
      1. Go to the Star Map tab
      2. Click the "Query Star Map..." button to refresh the map
      3. Right-click the desired system, then click "<system name> Survey Report..."

Indy Tools and Mods

  • HazeronProspector - System survey report database and filter for Hazeron.

For details, see the Indy Tools and Mods page.

Quotes from patch notes

Related patch notes
Update 2014-06-27: System Survey Scan
Overhauled system survey scans, the ones that result from the mission order to survey scan a system.
  • Scan result is no longer sent to you via mail.
  • Survey scan still requires sensors but any amount of sensors is adequate.
  • Survey scan simply flags a system as scanned by the empire who owns the ship.
  • Scanned systems are accessed via the star map.
  • Scanned systems in the list of map systems are marked with a special icon so they stand out.
  • Right click a system on the map or in the list of map systems to view the scan results.
  • Scanned system data is accessible by everyone in your empire immediately.
  • star map data must be refreshed to pick up freshly scanned solar systems.

Update 2014-07-08: System Scan Time

System scan time should be influenced by sensor range.
System scan time is now determined by 3 factors:
  • Scanner range category (system, planetary, orbital, short)
  • Number of worlds
  • Rank of sensor operator.
Sensor operator periodically announces time remaining to finish survey scan.

Update 2015-06-26: Avatars Cannot Perform System Scan

It is not possible for an avatar to scan a system such that it is considered "scanned" by their empire, without building a city. A city currently marks a system as scanned if it has sensors (airport or base or both) and an observatory.
  • A solar system becomes "scanned" by the ship's empire if an avatar operates a spacecraft sensor station and displays the detailed scan information for any one sun or world in the system.
  • A thought message is generated to confirm this has happened.
  • This token act symbolizes scanning each and every sun and world in a system, which would be tedious.
  • This requires the ship to have sensors.
  • This requires the ship to get within sensor range of a world or sun.
  • This requires the avatar to demonstrate they know how to operate a sensor station.