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Harvester Bay

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Harvester bays are interchangeable with weapon bays. They are essentially the same thing, but separated here on the wiki for convenience.

This means that any weapon bay can be turned into a harvester bay as easily as the changing of harvester types.

Harvester bays are selected the same way weapon bays are, in the designer or using harvester bay modules instead of weapon bay modules.

For specifics on how the bay itself work, read the Weapon Bay page.

How to Use

The harvester bay can be fired manually using the fire control station, but unless a very small amount of resources are needed, this is very ineffective.

Use the system survey to locate resources, or scan a target with the sensor station. Target the world or planetary ring, select the desired resource, and then fire the weapon.

Harvester Mission

To use a spacecraft's harvester bay in a automated fashion, a spacecraft needs to have a NPC officer and a spacecraft mission designed.

For more information, see the Harvester Mission page.

Quality and Quantity

The quality of the resources harvested will be limited by the empire's current patent to harvest the specific resource. Quality of the harvester module does not affect the quality of the gathered resource.

The quantity of resources gathered with each shot fired with the harvester is determined by the size of harvester bay, distance to the target and the abundance of the resource at the target. Resources gathered from the atmosphere or hydrosphere are further affected by the respective atmosphere density and ocean surface percentages.

Harvester Bay Types

The type of harvester bay can be selected in the design.

Harvester bay type can also be changed using weapon bay modules and harvester bay modules after it has been constructed.

Harvester Bay Types
Type Special Components Description
Atmospheric Condenser Bay Gathers atmospheric resources from a planet's atmosphere.
Particle Collector Bay Collects particles from planetary rings and stars.
Prospector Bay Gathers minerals and rocks from planetary rings and the surface of planets.
Siphon Bay Collects liquid from a planet's sea.
Wildcatter Bay Draws underground liquid from beneath a planet's surface.