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Some weapons in Hazeron cause damage by firing ammunition at a target. The ammunition describes many properties of the damage inflicted by the weapon. For example, regular bullets might cause piercing damage but radioactive incendiary bullets might cause radiation and fire damage. In each case, the same weapon is used to fire different kinds of ammunition. The ammunition determines the kind of damage that is inflicted.

For a full list of all ammunition commodities, see the Category:Ammunition page.

Personal Weapons

Personal weapons may have multiple firing modes, each of which can require ammunition. For example, a rifle with a grenade launcher. For ammunition purposes, each mode is considered to be a different weapon.

One single unit of ammunition loads a weapon to full. The ammunition unit is consumed to load the weapon, even if it only needs one bullet. Partial packages of ammunition are lost.

Ammunition is loaded into personal weapons using the Gear window or by using the Reload Weapon command.

The default key binding for the Reload Weapon command is R. Your currently selected weapon is loaded with the appropriate ammo from your inventory.

To reload a weapon using the Gear window, drag the ammo to the weapon.

In either case, the weapon is not loaded if it is already fully loaded. Ammo is not wasted by attempting to load a weapon that is already full of ammo.

Personal energy weapons use gigacells for ammunition. In this case, the damage type is determined by the weapon.

Heavy Weapons

Heavy weapons are found on vehicles, spacecraft and buildings in the form of turrets and weapon bays, and weapons mounted on vehicles. Ammunition for heavy weapons is managed using the Ordnance user interface, which is a tab on the Cargo (F5) window.

Heavy energy weapons requires one or more energy weapon lenses and some electricity. The energy weapon lenses are not consumed like conventional ammunition. It acts as an interface to the spacecraft's or city's capacitor, converting that energy into the type of damage appropriate to the energy beam.

Heavy weapons display on-screen icons to indicate damage types and rounds count.


Turrets are loaded with ammunition. The rounds count indicates the number of shots remaining in the turret gun, before more ammunition is needed. Reloading a turret uses one unit of ammunition from the spacecraft's hold or city's inventory. *Energy weapons are an exception; they reload automatically when empty, consuming one unit of power from the capacitor to fully reload.

Turret Module Ammo Type Turret Rounds Count
Ballistic Weapon Turret Heavy Arms Ammunition 300
Energy Weapon Turret Energy Weapon Lens 100*
Weapon Launcher Turret Small Rocket 50
Weapon Launcher Turret Small Missile 30
Weapon Launcher Turret Large Rocket 25
Weapon Launcher Turret Large Missile 15

The Reload Weapon command can be used in a turret, default R. The turret is reloaded with the same kind of ammunition it was previously using, if it is available. Otherwise, any appropriate ammunition is selected.

When the Ordnance interface is used to load ammo into a turret, the ammo in the turret is replaced. If the ammo removed from the turret is an energy weapon lens or if the rounds count was full, the ammo is returned to the inventory of the spacecraft or city.


Some vehicles have built-in weapons that use ammunition. Vehicles that have weapons often have more than one, similar to the firing modes of a personal weapon. For example, a space fighter has a gun and two ordnance racks. The gun can be loaded with heavy arms ammunition or an energy weapon lens. The ordnance racks can be loaded with bombs, rockets and missiles.

Vehicle weapons are loaded with ammunition. The rounds count indicates the number of shots remaining in the vehicle weapon, before more ammunition is needed. Reloading a vehicle weapon uses one unit of ammunition. *Energy weapons are an exception; they reload automatically when empty, consuming one unit of fuel to fully reload.

This table shows the rounds count for vehicles when a gun or rack is fully loaded, for each kind of ammunition. The same kind of ammo can be loaded on multiple racks, increasing the total possible load of a particular munition.

Vehicle Type Heavy Arms Ammunition Energy Weapon Lens Small Rocket Small Missile Large Rocket Large Missile Bomb
Space Fighter F1 600 100* 40 60 20 40 10
Space Fighter F2 400 100* 80 40 40 20 30
Space Transport 200 100* 60 20 30 10 50
APC 800 100* 90 70 50 40 0

Vehicle weapons can be reloaded using the Ordnance interface. The vehicle must be parked within a spacecraft room that has Garage cargo access, landed at an airport terminal, or inside the trade range of a station. In all cases, the vehicle must be stationary to be rearmed.

Vehicle weapons can also be reloaded using ammunition in your inventory. Select ammunition as your current item, look at the vehicle and left-click on it while in first-person mode to install the ammo. It will be loaded into an empty weapon, if one is available. Otherwise it will reload an already loaded weapon.

A weapon that is already full of ammunition is not reloaded. The ammunition you try to install is not lost if it is not needed.

Weapon Bays

Weapon bays do not consume ammunition until fired, due to options that can be selected at the weapon console. Instead of loading ammo into the bay weapon, the Ordnance interface is used to select the ammo that will be fired by the weapon, when it does fire.

Weapon bays has an amount of volume allocated to them when they are designed. The amount of bay volume is aggregated into a number of cannon barrels, ejector racks, weapon launchers, and energy projectors, depending on what weapon bay module is installed. That determines the maximum amount of ammunition that can be fired simultaneously. Fractional results of the calculation are rounded up. For example a weapon bay with 99m³ volume would have 10 cannon barrels, 4 energy projectors, 1 ejector rack, or 2 launchers, depending on the weapon bay module installed.

Bay Module Weapon Bay Volume per Weapon Ammunition Type Ammunition amount needed
Ballistic Weapon Bay Cannon Barrel 10m³ per Barrel Heavy Arms Ammunition 1 unit per Barrel
Energy Weapon Bay Projector 25m³ per Projector Energy Weapon Lens 1 unit per Projector
Weapon Deployment Bay Ejector Rack 100m³ per Rack Bombs and Mines 1 unit per Rack
Weapon Launcher Bay Launcher 90m³ per Launcher Small Rocket, Small Missile, Large Rockets and Large Missiles 1 unit per Launcher

When multiple rounds are fired, one single projectile emerges from the bay weapon; its size and damage are increased according to the amount fired. This helps to limit the number of objects that must be managed in a scene.

When a bay weapon fires multiple rounds, each round consumes one unit of the associated ammunition. For example, firing six heavy arms rounds consumes six units of the heavy arms ammunition that is selected for that weapon bay. The exception is energy weapons; they consume one unit of power from the ship's or city's capacitor for each projector fired.