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Farm Machinery

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Farm Machinery
  • 1
Weapon slots
  • None

Farm Machinery is a vehicle, essentially a tractor, which carries one person. They are produced at a vehicle factory. Farm Machinery consumes gasoline as its fuel, and holds 60 minutes worth of it. It is a very slow vehicle, and has difficulty with any steep grades.

Farm Machinery provides a bonus to production on farms.


  • ?

Produced by

Building Produces Consumed Required Optional
Vehicle Factory Farm Machinery


  • W - Increase Throttle
  • S - Decrease Throttle
  • A - Turn Left
  • D - Turn Right
  • Space - Brake
  • L - Headlight On/Off
  • P - Start / Stop the engine
  • M - Bay door remote control. Opens or closes the nearest large hull door.
  • V - Refuel and Repair*

*When at a vehicle factory, retail store, storage tank, in service range of a space station or in a spacecraft hanger the vehicle is refueled and repaired using what the city or spacecraft have available. Otherwise uses fuel from the inventory to refuel the vehicle.