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  Sell at actual price 0 displays as 0¢%3 and isn't 0¢
Posted by: Deantwo - 05-24-2024, 08:13 AM - Forum: Bug Reports - Replies (1)

When making a sell cargo order to sell for free, the mission is showing the order as "Sell X is price is more than 0¢%3."

According to report, it also actually takes money from the trade and refuses to sell if the city has no money.

Expected workaround is to use "Any Price" instead, but I didn't test it myself yet.

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  Aircraft Factory No Parking Spots
Posted by: Deantwo - 05-17-2024, 11:48 PM - Forum: Bug Reports - Replies (1)

The default aircraft factory (and colony variant) blueprint no longer have parking spots for any vehicles, except for drop pods.

I also can't see to get a drop pod out of the aircraft factory, maybe it should have a launch system?

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  electricity not shared on Haxus' aerial platform design
Posted by: Akynos - 05-17-2024, 09:32 AM - Forum: Bug Reports - Replies (1)

Electricty is not being shared through design ID: 3142 or 1000.

Hydrogen power plant fails to deliver to surrounding buildings.

Power plant and other buildings on the platform are shown as connected by land for trade and power distribution. However, no power reaches them.

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  Helicopter Taxi Issues
Posted by: Deantwo - 05-17-2024, 07:28 AM - Forum: Bug Reports - No Replies

Since my Gulliver class spaceship had a helicopter in its vehicle bay, I decided it would be cool to try driving it out of the vehicle bay from orbit. Sadly it does not seem like taxi works outside of the atmosphere, likely for the same reasons it can't fly either. I would have assumed that I could use its taxi even in no atmosphere or at least while inside my spaceship's hangar, since taxi is just using the wheels to drive.

After landing my Gulliver class spaceship on the planet instead, I attempted the taxi the helicopter out of the spaceship. Once it got out of the hangar it started gliding around, even without any upward thrust at all. I could almost fly the helicopter like a airplane for a bit just by using its taxi while in air.

I guess taxi isn't quite implemented as would be expected of a real life airplane. Would be nice if it functioned more like a ground vehicle when using taxi. I guess one way to implement it easily would be to have it toggle between acting like a ground vehicle and acting like a aircraft. Then you could also just have it use the SUV/motorbike controls while in "taxi mode".

If taxi gets fixed a bit, it might be useful to add it to other vehicles too. Maybe the space rocket could use a "taxi mode", have to move it down on its belly and use landing gear to drive it around. Transforming a vehicle between two modes like this would be really interesting for when we get the vehicle designer too, but it would maybe add some unwanted complexity.

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  2024-05-16 Pirates, Fleet Improvements, Designer Bugs, Corrosion Shield, Thorns
Posted by: Haxus - 05-17-2024, 12:46 AM - Forum: Updates - Replies (6)

Pirates got some improvements in this update. 

  • Pirate marauders will form into fleets.
  • Pirates sometimes escort a pirate freighter that could have any sort of cargo.
  • Pirate scouts will sometimes be encountered.

Encounter size has always been determined by the relative mass of the pirate vs the human vessel. Previously the encounter size was limited to three; now it may be as many as five. Up to six if they are escorting a freighter.

Pirate scouts play an important role in the creation of pirate bases. Previously, the first pirate ship encountered triggered the creation of a pirate base somewhere in the sector. 

Now a pirate scout is encountered when there is no base in the sector. It will move somewhere in the solar system and perform a sensor scan. If it completes the scan, a pirate base is created somewhere in the sector. 

Scouts may also be encountered after a base exists so seeing a scout is not an indication that no base exists.

As before, once pirate base exists in a sector, pirate encounters are more frequent.

Designer Vertex Normals
Some actions in the designer cause the normals at the face vertices to get broken.


Designer Paste At Orientation
Orientation of pasted objects is wrong when using the Paste At function.


Ramp Bug
Try to walk on cargo ramp of Gulliver while it is hovering and I end up on the ground instantly as soon as I cross the threshold.

Fixed a hull void in the model.

Orchard Bug
I constructed an orchard but it did not start growing the product I selected initially.


Blueprint Not Loaded Bug
"Blueprint not loaded. Server is loading it." What server?

Removed exchange entries when the program starts if there is no corresponding blueprint.

Can we have a single windmill model, instead of groups of four of them?


Near/Far Clip Bug
Planets morph strangely at a certain distance away. They seem to ooze into the scene.


Fleet Ship Maneuver
Will a fleet ship with 0 maneuver drive cause the entire fleet to fall into the sun?

When a fleet ship's maneuver acceleration drops below 10m/s, it will drop out of the fleet. When the flagship's acceleration drops below 10m/s, it dissolves the fleet.

Corrosion Shield
It would be nice to have some protection from insidious and corrosive atmospheres. A shield module was suggested.

Corrosion Shield Module added. It blocks 80% of kinetic and energy damage. It blocks 90% of acid damage and 100% of corrosion damage.

The name "atmosphere shield" was suggested. I did not choose that because atmospheres cause other kinds of damage besides just corrosion.

Fleet Orbit Bug
Atlantis orbited a gas giant with half the fleet hanging down into the atmosphere.


On Screen Avatar Buttons
Move the Recall Home and Avatar Selection Page buttons to the Avatar menu. They would be appropriate there and that would remove two buttons from the screen.


Huge Thorns
Thorns on plants are often huge, like walls of broomsticks sticking out of the trunks of plants.

Thorns were toned down a bit. They still don't cause any damage.

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  Fleet Channel, named fleets channels and no Starforce channel
Posted by: Ivan - 05-14-2024, 12:04 AM - Forum: Arena of Ideas - Replies (4)

I like the fact that fleets were added. But there a thing that bothers me: You cannot give orders to ships under a flagship that you're not berthed at.

I had envisioned fleets in a slightly different way:

- You could create fleets and name them, e.g. First Fleet, Orion Sector Fleet or Battlegroup Gamma.

- Hailing in the Fleet channel would then open channels to all individual ships like before, aswell as open channels to all named fleets. Giving orders in the named channels would then give the order to all ships within that fleet. Also currently it seems to open 2 different channels to flagships (one from Fleet and one from Starforce)

The formations and travelling together I had not envisioned, but they do sound nice, so I'm ok with that. I however envisioned it to merely be a way of communicating with a select group of ships (instead of all ships in system/sector range). But grouped warps/jumps do sound cool.

This would be nice because you could give orders to fleets aswell as to all individual ships of every fleet at all times. . After completing individual orders ships could then return to the flagship. That way ships within a remote fleet can be sent to do errands.

And best of all, it could solve the Starforce naming conundrum because that channel would not be needed anymore

I realise that this might be nitpicking a bit and maybe asking to much for Hazeron but i got that from X4 foundations where individaul ships can be sent do orders, then automatically return to fleet orders after finishing the individual task.

Might just be fueled by resitance to change, dunno, we'll see what other people think. :D

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  2024-05-09 Fleets, Starforce, C4 Doors, Shield Types
Posted by: Haxus - 05-09-2024, 10:14 PM - Forum: Updates - Replies (15)

I don't always know what I'm going to work on next. Sometimes the current sweeps me away. This past two weeks I found myself unexpectedly delving into fleet formations of spacecraft. Here is the result.

A ship can be designated as a flagship of a fleet. Any number of ships can be joined to that flagship's fleet. An empire can have more than one flagship thus more than one fleet.

A new Fleet order was added to the Mission Orders list. Using a Fleet order, you can order a ship to become a flagship, to join a flagship, or to depart from their fleet. Ordering a fleet ship to become a flagship promotes it to the flagship and the previous flagship is demoted. Ordering a flagship to exit the fleet dissolves the fleet.

A new Fleet page was added to the Spacecraft window tabs. There are some fleet management controls to designate the ship as a flagship, to join a fleet, and to exit a fleet. Fleet ships check in with the flagship periodically. The flagship lists those ships in a table with information about them on the Fleet page. Right click them to manage them.

One handy action that is not obvious is that you can select multiple ships in your fleet and right click on the one that will be the new flagship. Then select the Make Fleet menu option and they will split off into a separate fleet with the new flagship.

The Fleet page also has a combo box to select the fleet formation. This determines where the ships in the fleet belong relative to the flagship. Formation changes happen instantly; locked ships immediately change positions rather than have a gaggle of ships trying to rearrange themselves.

At the helm, you see a box indicating your ship's position in the fleet when it is not locked into position. Once you are close enough to that spot, you can use a helm button to lock your ship into its formation position. At that point, your ship is slaved to the flagship and it will move in sync with the flagship until it is unlocked, which the pilot (or the flagship) can do at any time.

NPC pilots of fleet ships always try to reach their formation position so they can lock in to the fleet. They are more successful when the flagship is not moving. Some formations, such as column formation, make it easier for the ships to get locked into their positions.

I tried having NPCs fly in formation and I tried it myself. That was a fools errand with ships that accelerate or decelerate at hundreds of meters per second constantly and that lack the ability to achieve that fine of control. Airplanes and navy ships can easily move at the same speed as each other, making formations a bit easier. Not so with spacecraft trying to go the speed of light as fast as possible all the time.

The locking mechanism proved to be the answer. It might not be super realistic but it gets the job done and it looks pretty good. It also keeps the fleet together very well through wormholes and at warp speed. The NPC pilot of the flagship considers the radius of the entire fleet when avoiding obstacles.

The fleet ship checkin information shown in the Fleet table is used to limit the maximum warp and maximum acceleration of the fleet to the slowest ships. If anybody can't warp the flagship will not go to warp. Likewise, if anybody can't wormhole the flagship will not go through wormholes.

When flying to a space station, the flagship moves the fleet next to the station as if it were one huge ship. All the locked ships in the fleet are considered to be in range of the station for trade purposes.

Fleet ships are free to have their own individual missions. They just can't move if they are locked. There are a few mission orders that become the current order for the entire fleet when they are the current order for the flagship. They are: Attack, Plunder, Hide, and Stand Down.

I haven't tested every possible situation with fleets. Beware of "Land" orders. I'm not sure how that would go. If you have trouble with fleets, avoid using them until the next update. I'm sure there will be improvements between now and then.

The addition of fleets introduced a nomenclature problem. Previously all government owned spacecraft were called fleet ships. Privately owned vessels are called company ships.

I struggle with this one. I almost went with Navy but that is just too nautical. Space Force? Not a chance. Space Fleet? Space Navy? Ho hum. Star Fleet? :/

Searching did not turn up any existing trademark on the term Starforce. There was a video game called Star Force, two words, but I figure that's no more of a problem than saying star fleet, instead of starfleet™. If anybody knows of a conflict please tell me and I will consider changing it.

I did in fact change the term Star Fleet Academy to Starforce Academy.

There is now a Starforce comm channel and a Fleet comm channel. The Starforce channel talks to all ships in your empire that are not fleet vessels under a flagship. In other words, only the flagships and ships not in fleets will answer on the Starforce channel. Of course, only ships with an officer will answer hails.

The Fleet channel communicates with other ships in the same fleet.

C4 Doors
Someone commented that explosives like C4 and dynamite do not open the doors of spacecraft.

The code for explosives required them to be very close to the door switch, not the door. I fixed that. This works well now. You can stick a bomb onto a door anywhere and it should blow open.

Incidentally, a door that is blown open becomes jammed open. A jammed door will not close itself and it cannot be closed with a remote door switch. It requires someone to physically touch the door to close it.

Shield Types
There are three kinds of energy shields but they all do the exact same thing.

This is finally done. Here is the result.

Cloaking shield was renamed to Stealth shield. The name is more indicative of what it does. Unlike the cloaking shield of popular scifi which acts more like an invisibility cloak.

  • Kinetic Shield - Provides full protection against kinetic damage. Provides 20% less protection against energy damage.
  • Energy Shield - Provides full protection against energy damage. Provides 20% less protection against kinetic damage.
  • Stealth Shield - Provides 20% less protection against kinetic and energy damage. Reduces sensor detection range based on shield module quality. If sensor can't detect your ship, weapons cannot lock onto it.

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  Mission transmitter sometimes shows wrong planets
Posted by: Ivan - 04-29-2024, 01:12 AM - Forum: Bug Reports - No Replies

When I try to order a ship in another system, sometimes it shows the correct planets, cities and stations from that system. Sometimes it however does not.

I noticed that when I do a tactical scan, the correct ones show up in the lists, and they seem to remain correct, even after opening and closing the Mission transmitter several times.

However, as soon as I click "report mission", and then close and re-open the Mission transmitter, it only shows planets and cities from the system my character is in. It doesn't matter if I do this 5 minute or 10 minutes after asking for a tactical scan.

After restarting the game, it also shows the correct planets, until I press "report mission".

This also seems to be on a per ship basis also: The carrier shows the wrong planets/cities/stations. A shuttle onboard that carrier however shows the correct planets/cities/stations. I have not given a tactical scan order to the shuttle.

Some other ships in the same system, that I've given no orders at all to, also show the wrong planets.

It would seem odd that the effect of tactical scan would be indefinite, unless u press "report mission", in which case it is immediately undone.

Edit: it might also just randomly alternate between showing the correct and wrong planets, not sure.

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  Underground Habitat Bugs
Posted by: Phoenix - 04-28-2024, 05:30 PM - Forum: Bug Reports - No Replies


I have designed an underground structure/habitat with a build zone at multiple levels. Currently there are multiple bugs associated with underground structures. I believe these should be fixed in order to allow players to design these types of buildings. Underground cities and bases are a staple in sci-fi and add a lot of character to a city.

Please take a look at these images of the the building I have designed. It has a large elevator and a massive underground habitat with a build zone. - Overall diagram of the design - Overall view - Surface View of the Design (The elevated portion of the design is not finished) - Underground view
1. Building Zone Bug

There is a bug that does not allow for placement of buildings below the ground level. In my design there is a build zone on both the ground level and at the sub-surface level. Currently the game snaps new building at the surface level.

Suggested Fix: Allow buildings to snap to underground or high above structures. Allow player to move between snapping via the scroll wheel or a key binding.

2. Environmental Void Bug

There is a bug which causes any player avatar entering an Environmental Void underground to immediately be transported to the surface of a planet. This does not occur with regular Room Voids. For this reason I was forced to construct hallways with room voids and large areas with environmental voids. Environmental voids are required for a design like this because they are the only void type that allows for build zones to be built within. To be clear this bug makes it impossible for an avatar to walk freely within an Environmental void underground.

Suggested Fix: Take a look at whatever is allowing players to move around freely underground in regular room voids and apply that to environmental voids as well. 

Final Thoughts

Ground Level: I would also ask you consider adding a way to "cut through" the ground level of a planet mesh. Currently there is no good way to place a stairway to an underground area because the ground texture will always appear in place. So a player avatar can pass through it with a room void, but will appear to walk through terrain. 

Planetary Environment Effects: Currently the environmental effects on a planet such as a gas giant appear even inside a biodome or environmental void. This should not be the case. Players should see a clear environment when inside a protected structure. 


Thank you for your time. I have attached a version of my design for you to test or you can download on steam at any time.

Attached Files
.soh   AEC Undeground Habitat Published 1.SoH (Size: 899.99 KB / Downloads: 2)
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  Game crashes on mission activation including a specific target system
Posted by: Akynos - 04-28-2024, 09:09 AM - Forum: Bug Reports - Replies (2)

Game crash occurs when mission order list includes travel direct to a specific named system and is activated.

This seems to only occur when ship is a far away enough from said system. When attempting to use the "travel direct" order, said system is not shown on the list of "named systems".

The name will eventually appear if close enough to the system. The exact distance hasn't been investigated. Carrying out the order then has not resulted in crashes.

Workaround so far has been to first travel to an intermediary system, then carry out the order. However, attempting to set a mission from a far away system with first a stop in the transitory system then to the target system has also resulted in crashes. As such, it seems to be triggered on initial mission calculation rather than when the travel order itself gets active.

This has only occurred with one system so far. I don't have so many systems so I can't tell if it's a one-off with that system.

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