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Motor Bike
  • 1
Weapon slots
  • None

Easily the most useful vehicle for general transportation/exploration planet-side, the motor bike has a top observed speed in excess of 80 and averages about 60 with elevation changes and the occasional turn. It has enough torque to climb a hill from a dead stop, and sinks in water.

Gets 30 minutes of use out of a unit of gasoline.

Motor bike can fit easily into any spacecraft through a 2 wide large hull door. Able to be manhandled through a regular hull door, but not recommended as the bike will most likely get stuck inside a wall.

Your best friend when planet-side.


  • 150 HP at TL1
  • Top speed > 80, averages 60 with turns and slopes
  • Sinks in water, no control
  • 30 minutes on one unit of Gasoline
  • Seats 1
  • Works in hostile environments despite being gasoline powered. Vacuum as well.

Produced by

Building Produces Consumed Required Optional
Vehicle Factory 1 Motor Bike