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Unless otherwise specified, the mentioned value or equation is safe to use for related calculations, and producing results that either exactly the same as shown in game, or error margin is negligible.


(*) - Experimentally proven value.
(?) - Assumed or guessed value. If you have more info, please add your proposed equation to the list.

Tech Level, quality and research

Main limiting factor for technological advance in Hazeron is quality of your resources, which limits the technological level of the ships you can build.

Quality and TL are bound by the following formula:

TLmax = 1 + FLOOR(Q / 8)

Therefore, reverse formula to obtain minimum necessary quality for certain TL is

Qmin = 8 * (TL - 1)

Thus, for example, minimum quality to achieve TL32 is:

 Qmin = 8 * (TL - 1) = 8 * (32 - 1) = Q248

Research time and cost

One run of research job costs 1'000¢ multiplied by the job TL.

 JobCost = 1'000¢ * TL

Research time

 BaseResearchTime = 1'000s * TL

Researching at university, if the research is not an University tech,

 ResearchTime = BaseResearchTime + 250s

Computers used in research process make it faster

 JobTime = ResearchTime / 2.25

Maximum Time for a Breakthrough

The estimated maximum amount of time it'll take for a breakthrough can be found with this equation

Time(Seconds) = Time for Each Process(Seconds) / Amount of Processes / 100

So if you have 8 processes at 7:25 per process it'll take you 93 minutes maximum to hit a breakthrough unless you're unlucky, but the chances are that you'll hit a breakthrough before the 93 minutes.


World population limit from planet size

PopulationLimit = 100 * FLOOR( PlanetDiameter / 1'800 )

Loyalty Gain

One citizen becomes loyal per city report.

This means one every 13 minutes, and sixty every 13 hours.

If there are disloyal citizens, one citizen becomes non-disloyal instead.

Food consumption

Citizens eat 20% of their max hit points, in food value, per city report.

Liquor consumption

Citizens consume 20% of their max hit points, in intoxication points, per city report.

Air consumption

Each citizen breathe one unit of Air per city report.

City import rate

There's no single equation that cover all resource types for a given city, because different importers import different lists of items, with some intersections between them. The most generalized equation would be this:

ImportRate = ImporterCapability * CityStock * TradeLinkThroughput
  • ImportRate - Maximum possible import of this item type per tick;
  • ImporterCapability - the %% importer could import under ideal conditions;
  • CityStock - the available amount of items in a city we are importing from;
  • TradeLinkThroughput - 1 (road); 0.5 (wharf); 0.33 (airport - same planet); 0.25 (interplanetary trades).

Ref: Forum post. Also refer to city trading guide.

Ship design and construction

Ship mass

One hull triangle mass:

24.947578125*(armorLevel+1) kg.
For fuel cell: add 126.859453125 kg per triangle regardless of TL or armor level.

Mass limit for design at specified TL

Ship mass < TL * 350'000kg

Station service range

Service Range = TL * 100m
The range is calculated from the outer edge of station extents.

TL affected by berths

Design TL >= (Crew Berths + Troop Berths + Passenger Berths) - 7


Damage absorbed = FLOOR((20 + 50 * ArmorLevel) * (0.95 + 0.05 * TL))
Energy absorbed = FLOOR((5 + 2 * ArmorLevel) * (0.95 + 0.05 * TL))


HP of one hull triangle:

Metal Hull HP = 10 * FLOOR( 0.275 * (ArmorLevel + 1) * (0.95 + 0.05 * TL) )
Magmium Hull HP = 10 * FLOOR( 1.25 * 0.275 * (ArmorLevel + 1) * (0.95 + 0.05 * TL) )
Vulcium Hull HP = 10 * FLOOR( 1.5 * 0.275 * (ArmorLevel + 1) * (0.95 + 0.05 * TL) )

HP of equipment:

HP = 10 * ModuleAmount


Capacitor capacity from TL

Capacitor = 0.95 + 0.05 * TL

Capacitor recharge rate

(?) Capacitor recharge time is assumed to be fixed at 30 seconds for any size of capacitor.

Capacitor conversion rate

(?) Probably, 1 unit of Hydrogen per cell per cycle. Cycle length is unknown.

Weapon bay consumption rate

Each weapon module consume 1 point of capacitor each shot (at max power)
(?) The Rate of Fire is assumed to be 1 shot per 5 seconds
Conclusion: For continuous fire, you need the figure of "capacitor enough for 6 shots at max power".

FTL drive consumption rate per activation
Note: FTL drive capacitor usage in design summary is wrong.
First, it only count capacitor for required, rather than installed, amount of engines.
Second, it simply miscalculating cap use at certain tech levels.

Wormhole Drive:
CapUsage = ModuleAmount / (0.95 + 0.05 * TL)
Warp Drive:
CapUsage = ModuleAmount * ( 2 * WarpFactor - 1 ) / (0.95 + 0.05 * TL)

Weapon bay

Damage = ModuleAmount * 5 * (0.95 + 0.05 * TL)
<math>Range = \sqrt{ 25'000 * ModuleAmount } * ( 0.95 + 0.05 * TL )</math>

Note that this math is for optimal range (shown in design summary as "Damage XXXe at YYYm"). The maximum range (which is shown as "Range" in design summary, and at which point your weapon efficiency is halved) is double that.


Range = ModuleAmount * 6477 * (0.95 + 0.05 * TL)

Navigation and control

Mission control distances

"Travel to system" control distance: 5'000km.

This means, helmsman will report order completed, when the ship is reached the distance of approx. 5'000'000 meters from the main star of the system.
Note on warpdrive usage: Officer will not confirm arrival, when warp core is hot.